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Modern Mayhem: Goglari Infect

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As you all know, we're trying to count to 10 with infect counters to win but there's more of a driving factor in why Golgari Infect is fun! 

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Phyrexian Crusader is an absolute house right now as we're able to dodge so many efficient removal spells from the protection from Red and White. With Unholy Heat and Lightning Bolt's popularity in modern right now, we can skate right through an Izzet deck's answers for the most part. Not only that, it dodges Path to Exile and a ton of other removal spells right now. This is probably the main reason why we're seeing Golgari Infect over the Simic variant which offers counterspells but no threat like Crusader. With black in the deck, we've also traded our Blighted Agent for Plague Stinger which trades unblockable for evasion in flying. I do think that Stinger is significantly worse than Blighted Agent however, Phyrexian Crusader makes up for that and then some. 


I think the mana base needs a little bit of work as having double black feels super important for us to get our premier threat out. Even with the fixing of the mana base however, I feel that there are just too many decks running main deck hosers for our deck. The number of Chalice of the Void has increased along with the enchantress decks having access to cards like Solemnity. Infect feels a little too fair for the 2021 meta. However, I could see me wanting to play Phyrexian Crusader out of the sideboard of other decks as a real win condition!

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