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Modern Mayhem: Dimir Faeries (Modern, Magic Online)

Welcome back to this week's episode of Modern Mayhem! We're taking an old tribal deck out for a run. It's Faeries!.... or Dimir Control? I see Bitterblossom and Spellstutter Sprite so I'm going to call it Faeries!


There are tons of decision trees in this deck, but for the most part, we have some sweet synergies between Bitterblossom and all of our faerie cards like Spellstutter Sprite, Mistbind Clique, and Mutavault

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Together these cards can create an engine that can be hard to stop as a Bitterblossom can run wild after a certain point. It has the ability to make the Faerie type matter as Spellstutter can come in and counter almost anything after a certain point. Mistbind Clique can also shut off people's mana for one turn which can be all the time we need to close out a game. These aren't the only powerhouses in the deck though...

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

We have our obvious planeswalker all-stars. Liliana of the Veil is wonderful in this style of deck as we're more of a discard heavy as opposed to counterspell heavy type of deck. Liliana helps us keep our opponent low on cards while also serving as a way to make them sacrifice a creature which can be great if we run into any Slippery Bogle decks. Jace, the Mind Sculptor is such a sweet follow up after we grind all of our opponent's cards out of their hands. Jace can allow us to fix what they draw or help us dig deeper into our own deck when we're looking for an answer. At the very worst, he can Unsummon a creature on board including our own Mistbind Clique if we're trying to lock an opponent out of using their mana on their upkeep. Lastly, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet hasn't been part of the modern meta, but it seems his time has returned. With Arclight Phoenix and Dredge running around...he can start exiling problematic creatures to get rid of them permanently. He's such a sturdy threat with the 4 toughness as this means he can't get killed by a Lightning Bolt, and he can generate a ridiculous army on his own. Even better, he has Lifelink which is extremely important in Burn and to offset our Bitterblossom life loss.

Match Recaps:

Izzet Phoenix 2-1 (W): We get stomped game one but the post-board games felt like we were on an even playing field.

Humans 0-2 (L): We get super destroyed. Game two we felt the sting of not being able to add the third counter on Engineered Explosives

Tooth n' Nail 0-2 (L): Our opponent had big mana plays meaning we had big problems as we didn't have any counterspells nor did we have enough removal to stop them game two from just beating us with a mana dork and Kessig Wolf Run.

Eldrazi n' Taxes 2-0 (W): We were able to remove key threats early thus never allow them to snowball game one. Game two our opponent (TsuengTsu) was extremely nice enough to not use their Aether Vial as there was an interface issue where I somehow used Cryptic Command to bounce my own land (LOLOLOL). I might've been clicking too fast so that might've been a user problem more than an interface problem.

Elves 2-1 (W): We thoroughly get stomped out in typical elves fashion game one as they flooded the board and we have no maindeck board wipes. They also had the sweetest Lead the Stampede!! Post boarded games were sweet as Liliana, the Last Hope put in some serious work and Jace, the Mind Sculptor kept our opponent off land long enough for us to seal the game.


The deck definitely has some tough decisions and looks like a deck I'd have to play for decades to be 1/8 as good as Yuta Takahashi! There aren't any free wins with this deck. It plays a very "fair" gameplan like most control decks so your decisions on turn 1 or turn 2 will definitely come back to haunt you. None the less, any chance to play Bitterblossom is good so I definitely will be practicing this deck even more than ever as something about it speaks to me. I'd really like to add a few shock lands just to add a third color so we can get Engineered Explosives to 3 counters as that felt super important. I also wonder if it's wrong to play the counterspell version?.... Guess that's for me to figure out!

Thanks for watching or reading as it was a faerie good time to film!


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