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Modern Mayhem: Dauthi Rogues

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I feel like I'm the boy that screamed for Rogues and now that we've got them in standard, historic, and pioneer, we need more in Modern! This is where Dauthi Voidwalker comes in!

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This card gives us access to some seriously powerful spells as modern is loaded with bombs and game ending threats. Being able to play those for free may be a bit too much for some decks to recover from. Not only that, but Voidwalker serves as a way for us to have graveyard hate main deck. It may seem that hating out a graveyard is bad for a rogues deck as we rely on cards like Drown in the Loch but I'd like to think the upside of being able to get a free spell is very much worth it. When you think of how easy it is for us to get opponents to mill with cards like Thieves' Guild Enforcer and Soaring Thought-Thief combined with Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek, our opponents should be empty-handed and desperate for answers for Voidwalker! On top of that, Shadow is going to be quite relevant as that'll pretty much read as unblockable most of the time!

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That's not the only thing Rogues got from Modern Horizons 2! We got the iconic Counterspell which is a cheap and unconditional counterspell which is exactly what we needed!


Rogues definitely feels like it went up a tier after the two new inclusions of Counterspell and Dauthi Voidwalekr. The only thing I'd change from the deck in the video is probably something like Soul-Guide Lantern as reoccurring that with Lurrus is a power house and an efficient way for us to beat decks like Living End as it's not hard for those decks to play around Dauthi Voidwalker. Otherwise, the deck pilots like how it does in standard but with a ton more power and versatile answers. Highly recommend this deck for anybody that enjoys Rogues in standard or the tempo play style!

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