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Modern Mayhem: CrimJitsu (Modern, Magic Online)

A lot of you have reached out for the Faeries and Ninjas deck I've been playing in paper so I decided I'd do a video on it! 


The deck functions for the most part on a low curve and the most mana intensive thing we do is either Cryptic Command or Ninjitsu'ing Fallen Shinobi in. Upfront, the deck looks like somebody's Modern Horizons draft deck as an ideal start has Faerie Seer into Ingenious Infiltrator. From that point on we just sit behind our counterspells and removal spells to make an opponent waste their turn and resources.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

After landing a few faeries, our Spellstutter Sprite will become hard counterspells as most of modern's spells sit between one to three mana unless they're playing a big mana deck. Depending on the matchup and hand, I definitely would not be afraid to just jam a Spellstutter Sprite or Snapcaster Mage for no value other than to add a clock that we can Ninjitsu back.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

The nice thing about our deck is when we move to the blockers step. Once a creature is declared as "unblocked" you can Ninjitsu any of our ninjas in and they cannot remove the target we're bouncing back. It's also a thing to remember that if somebody is spending a removal spell on a Ninja, know that you can Ninjitsu something else in to save the creature and fizzle their removal spell. Nothing beats double Ninjitsu in a single turn. Lastly, if you ever get to the point where you have two Ingenious Infiltrator, their abilities stack and then you draw four cards. Who can say no to so much value!? 


We went 4-1 again this week and we almost got that trophy but I feel like I might've kept a slightly greedy hand game three. The deck is an absolute blast to play. The deck requires a sort of greedy mana base and can definitely hurt itself due to the need of its colors so moving forward I'd look to adding two Prismatic Vista and maybe one more shock land. I'd probably shave the Scalding Tarn for these additions. Outside of the mana base, I'd look to adding one more Assassin's Trophy. I think that card is a big part for us to delay Tron from getting their engine online and it's nice to have a catch-all removal spell. I'd also add another Ceremonius Rejection into the sideboard to help us a tad bit more. If Hogaak gets the ban, that'll make our sideboarding a little bit easier but for right now, most of my sideboard slots are dedicated to Tron and Hogaak with a few ways to deal with aggression. Take the deck for a spin at your local FNM or whatever modern event you'd like to play! The deck doesn't really have any matches that it auto wins against but it's a good time watching your opponents tank on whether or not they need to block or not.

Thanks for watching another episode of Modern Mayhem! Hope to meet a ton of you at #MTGVegas!

-Your friendly neighborhood AsianAvenger

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