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Magic the Gathering PAX Pins

Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Pins have become somewhat of a PAX tradition. At each PAX, pins from various franchises are given away by their respective companies. The Magic the Gathering ones in particular are available as part of the Prize Wall at the Wizards of the Coast booth. The newest edition is Sarkhan Vol sporting an Ugin-colored highlight. The new Sarkhan will be available at PAX East March 6-8.


Sarkhan PAX East 2015 PinUgin PAX South 2015 PinSarkhan PAX AUS 2014 PinGarruk PAX East 2014 PinDark Garruk PAX Prime 2014Chandra PAX AUS 2013 PinElspeth PAX Prime 2013 PinChandra PAX East 2013 Pin


For the older editions, the only way to get them is via Ebay or some other means on the second-hand market. Below is the complete list of Magic the Gathering PAX Pins.

Complete List of Magic the Gathering PAX Pins

  Character Event Ebay Price
Sarkhan PAX East 2015 Pin Sarkhan PAX East 2015 Not Yet Released
Ugin PAX South 2015 Pin Ugin PAX South 2015 $40 - $50
Sarkhan PAX AUS 2014 Pin Sarkhan PAX AUS 2014 $30 - $40
Dark Garruk PAX Prime 2014 Dark Garruk PAX Prime 2014 $10 - $15
Garruk PAX East 2014 Pin Garruk PAX East 2014 $15 - $20
Chandra PAX AUS 2013 Pin Chandra PAX AUS 2013 $25 - $30
Elspeth PAX Prime 2013 Pin Elspeth PAX Prime 2013 $10 - $15
Chandra PAX East 2013 Pin Chandra PAX East 2013 $25 - $45


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