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Magic: the Gathering Deck Image for Streaming on and YouTube

We're pleased to announce the public release of our Magic: the Gathering deck popout for streaming and videos on and YouTube! Here's what it looks like:

OBS Studio Stream Popout Instructions

Here's how to use the Stream Popout with OBS Studio.

1. On all of our deck pages, you'll find a "Stream Popout" button:

2. The link will display the deck popout, which we will use as a Browser Source in OBS Studio. Copy the URL.

3. In OBS Studio, create a new Browser source. Type in any name and press New.

4. Paste in the URL from the Stream Popout you copied earlier. Set the width to 225, height to 1080. Press OK.

5. Resize the Browser source (red box) and place it in the desired location (we recommend the left side of the screen for Magic Arena). You're now all setup! To change decklists, you can simply update the Browser source with a different URL.

Custom Width (Advanced)

For advanced users who want a custom width, add the following code to the Custom CSS box, replacing 300 with the width you want. Also set the width accordingly in the Browser source as well.

.popout-deck-container { width: 300px; }


Have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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