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Instant Deck Tech: 1998 Academy (Historical Standard)

Instant Deck Tech time! We're in this weird dead space in our current Standard. Aether Revolt doesn't officially hit the format for a couple of weeks and there aren't really any tournaments of note, which means Standard is sort of the same old decks. As such, for the next couple of weeks while we wait for Aether Revolt, we are going to look at historical Standard decks for Type Two (Standard) Tuesdays. A lot of people think Aether Revolt Standard could be pretty broken, with turn four Emrakuls and Spinter Twin combos, but how does this "brokenness" compare to old Standard formats? The short answer is, it doesn't. Not even a little bit. For example, today's deck - Academy from 1998 - could consistently goldfish its way to kill on turn two, or even turn one with its best draws!

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