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Historic 101: Quandrix Smash

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We're 90% a mono green stompy deck with the ability to fight back a bit more on the stack thanks to cards like Negate and Decisive Denial.

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Being able to fight back and counter board wipes feels great as an aggro deck. Not only that, being able to play the mind games on our opponents with open mana could potentially buy us a little more time to set up. Although these cards are sweet, #MTGAFR also brought us a ton of sweet new cards to play!

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Lair of the Hydra and all of the creature lands are going to be felt throughout Arena as their power is just too good! Lair of the Hydra gives us a mana sink and an evasive threat that can't just be picked off by a Wrath of God effect. Not only that but Ranger Class gives us a ton of value as it allows us to not have to over commit to the board as a single threat will eventually grow to a respectable power level thanks to level 2. Level 3 of the Ranger Class will help us refuel for the rest of the game! Lastly, we have Werewolf Pack Leader which gets better in Historic as we have a ton of cheap and big beaters. Steel Leaf Champion is a prime example! With all of this power, we should be able to easily draw cards!


I really enjoyed the splash of blue as that gave us more fighting power against control decks but does mean we forfeit a few percentages in consistency. #MTGAFR did a really solid job and probably boosted this deck up to a Tier 1.5 to maybe even a Tier 1 aggro deck for Historic. With Brainstorm's departure, we'll have to see how the meta shapes up but this Quandrix deck felt powerful. If you wanted to, you could just drop blue and go for the all snow manabase for Faceless Haven

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