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Historic 101: Jeskai Mutate

This week we got a list from okfrasiden. They sent in their list and I made some slight modifications, but for the most part, it's a Jeskai Mutate deck that can utilize Vadrok, Apex of Thunder. Maybe it'll have better luck in Historic?

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The deck plays a tempo gameplan that relies on an early Pollywog Symbiote or Amass token off cards like Callous Dismissal

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After resolving either one of these spells, our plan can be set in motion as we'll rely on some mutate creatures like Vadrok, Apex of Thunder and Sea-Dasher Octopus to keep us in the game. Of course, with the way mutate works, we do fold to a removal heavy deck but maybe we can fight back with some counterspells like Disallow. The number of disallows could go down to two or so and be replaced with something like Fight as One or Gods Willing to protect our "stack". The numbers in the deck are difficult as we want a decent amount of spells to cast, while also packing enough Mutate threats. 

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Speaking of our Mutate threats,Vadrok and Lore Drakkis are big for the deck as it's a way for us to reoccur the value from our spells. One of the key spells that drew me to the deck was See the Truth. Being able to cast this off of Vadrok, Apex of Thunder sounds like too much fun. The deck is in a weird spot where it wants to be a control deck and a mutate deck but with the historic meta, we still need cards like Deafening Clarion which blows up our own creatures. It's entirely possible that we drop all of the Clarions to just play more spot removal like Fire Prophecy or Scorching Dragonfire. Because of our lack of spot removal, I added Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt to burn the opponent's stuff while gaining life. 

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The deck does feel like it doesn't have enough control nor is it aggressive enough early, but I think that can be changed. I should've increased the number of cards we can recast and that's on me. The way it currently is, it's a bit too reactive. We also need a way for the deck to beat Auras. Too many cards that the Auras deck plays dunks on us. I do appreciate the decklist as I do want to make Vadrok or some kind of Jeskai mutate deck work as this was still a blast to play. If I were to update this in Historic, I'll definitely be upping the number of spells. It felt amazing when we got to cast See the Truth!  I altered the original lists' threat numbers and that might've messed with the deck so I'll have to try to make something happen on stream. Thank you so much for letting me play your deck okfrasiden. Your list was sweet and hopefully, I didn't butcher it too much !

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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