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Historic 101: Historical Dragons

Thanks to Brawl on Arena, we got Bladewing the Risen and because of my love for that card we decided to make a dragon deck for Historic!

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The deck is quite slow and doesn't really start doing things until turn three, but once it gets going, it just keeps dropping big flying threats over and over. It relies on some of its early acceleration 

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These two cards allow us to venture out of red mana as it helps us accelerate and be color fixing. Sarkhan, Fireblood is a way for us to dig for our next big threat with its +1 but if you're already set on threats, just use the other +1 ability as it fixes our colors for dragons while ramping. Dragon's Hoard is sweet as it is ramp and another way to draw cards!

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Though Bladewing the Risen is expensive, it allows us to reanimate fallen dragons while also providing all of our dragons a boost of power. This may not be needed as the deck can just win by it's five and six drops but Bladewing is such a cool card I had to throw a few copies into the deck. 



We got the five wins required of us in the league and the deck was a lot of fun for all the people who like jamming big dragons. The issues with the deck are that we are extremely light on removal as we're looking to just have bigger threats than our opponents so it is reasonable to just cut some of our bigger dragons or maybe a few copies of Sarkhan the Masterless as a way to put some sweepers into the deck. I've also noticed our mana has actually been pretty decent so maybe we can add cards like Cast Down and Angrath's Rampage to add the much-needed removal to fight Gruul and big Dinos as this deck has a huge problem with creatures that have a higher toughness. Here's an updated list that I took out for a spin on the ladder!

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As always, thanks for watching! See ya at the next one.

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