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Historic 101: Haunting of Historic

Jumpstart is now on MTGArena and this means a ton of tribal decks are going to be happening!! The first deck we've got up is Spirits!

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For those that are new to the spirit tribe, you're mostly playing a tempo gameplan and using your cheap disruption to keep your opponent off their footing and getting there with your small threats. Spirits have lacked power for quite some time but thanks to Jumpstart we got three new spirits!

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Rattlechains is exactly what the deck has been in need of as the ability to protect our spirits from a removal spell while also giving us the ability to flash in all of our spirits is huge. This will allow us to play entirely on our opponent's turn thus giving us the option to tap out at the end of their turn or hold up countermagic like Lofty Denial. Nebelgast Herald is another spirit that we could definitely use as we're pretty light on removal spells so we're hoping to tap down key threats with Nebelgast and Shacklegeist. Together, these two spirits should buy us the time to close out the game. Lastly, Kira, Great Glass-Spinner just bolsters our ranks by making our threats even harder to kill.  Kira also protects us from abilities which is huge! This means we're able to counter an Oath of Kaya or Teferi, Time Raveler's activation. 


The spirits definitely got a bump in power but are still missing a few spirits — mainly Spell Queller and Mausoleum Wanderer. I think having a card like Selfless Spirit is nice but, Historic does see a lot of Cry of the Carnarium, which is a concern for the deck. Otherwise, the deck does finally feel like it is a functioning version of Azorius Spirits from older formats. 

The deck also has a huge problem with Shifting Ceratops out of Gruul's sideboard and just Gruul in general so I would tweak the list slightly to help fight Gruul. Here's the updated list:

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As always, thanks for watching and I really can't wait to play more Historic as it's shaping up to be an amazing format now that Nexus of Fate is gone!

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