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Historic 101: Esper Pact With A Sky Nomad

If you've seen any of my Pioneer content you know I love Demonic Pact more than anything, so when I found out it got added to Historic, I got another excuse to play one of my favorite decks!

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We're a tap-out control deck that gets a ton of its value from enchantments getting blinked over and over but one of the best value engines is Demonic Pact

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Three out of four modes are great for us. You'll notice "You Lose The Game" is on there but our goal is to cheat the pact we've made! Courtesy of our friend Yorion, Sky Nomad, Flicker of Fate, and Gideon of the Trials. It's a dangerous game to play but if I have a Gideon emblem out and feel safe enough that my Gideon won't get removed, I'll choose "Lose the Game" so I don't have to worry about it later. 

What else did AKR Bring?

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We got tons of fun ones but the more noticeable ones will be Thoughtseize, which will be great when we need to remove key components from our opponent's hand. The other card is Trial of Ambition which may not seem like much but is quite amazing when we've got so many Azorius Bogle decks running around with Adanto Vanguard and other ways to make their creatures more resilient. The last card I wanted to play with is Sphinx's Revelation. I don't think this card is really needed in the deck. This is more for nostalgic reasons. It's nice to have a spell that we can sink all of our mana into when it comes to late game. 

  $ 0.00 $ 0.00

A card I'm trying out is Ethereal Absolution. The card by no means auto wins you some games but the deck needs something to constantly accrue value for it to survive a goblin horde. Yes, it is six mana but the fact that it's not legendary means we can stack multiples as opposed to Kaervek, the Spiteful. It also serves as a way to shrink zombie tokens from Field of the Dead while also being maindeckable graveyard hate. 


The deck is so much fun. We have so many ways to grind out games and Demonic Pact gives you the thrill of potentially losing if you're into threading that needle. A few things I think might make the deck better is more copies of Yorion, Sky Nomad. As it turns out, you can play more than just one (Sarcasm)! Seriously though, Yorion is an effect I just want to have at all times. If we go a little heavier into blinking things, we can look for Deputy of Detention as a way for us to exile Field of the Dead tokens over and over. It doesn't hurt that it's a 1/3 which means it can't be shocked or stomped! The card itself is pretty much there to do a cute impersonation of Detention Sphere. I also want to add more 'enters the battlefield' value so we could even look into things like Disinformation Campaign. If I decide to add Campaign, it'd definitely require me to add a few copies of Thought Erasure. Anywho, here's an updated list!

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Thanks for watching and go out there and dunk on the Field of the Dead decks as we brave this zombie invasion on Historic! Go fight in the name of fair magic!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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