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Going Infinite, October 14th

Alright! So, we had some hella good times this week. Sure, we scrubbed out once and got a 2-3 with our Faerie Ninja deck, but we DID pull of a 4-1 with Bogles, losing only one match to me misplaying twice. So, that said, we should have earned a total of twelve tix and 170 BP. Sure, it still isn't great, losing a total of 30 net, but it is one of those things where when we play more in a week, it can start to even out better. With me just getting back into the meta, hopefully this losing streak will soon end. That little bit of hope out of the way, let's get down to the breakdown.

So, Monday we tried this fun brew and honestly? It feels like a legit deck that just needs a bit of work. In a borderline mirror match against hard control Faeries, we lost to them just having better bodies on their creatures and us not having a chance to set up our card advantage synergies. Even this would have been tolerable, but it turns out that Sunken City is apparently symmetrical! Which means that all that they accomplished was allowing our opponent to have an even faster clock... oops. Made only worse by their Desert which killed out little creatures. Match two, we honestly stomped a Sliver deck. I mean, they took game two, but that was largely because they managed to draw both of their Holy Lights against us and hit a critical mass. Game one and three they didn't even get to play Magic really. In match three, we got wrecked by Burn, not all that surprising with our slow clock and lack of life gain. As this is the first rendition of the deck, I will just mark this as a learning experience. Match four we went up against UR Control and dominated them, their lack of immediate clock allowing us to just sit on our control pieces and threats until we felt safe enough to get our creatures and protect them. Game five we were just wrecked by Affinity using Fling at our face. In game one, we just didn't have the response, but game two I mis-clicked something fierce and lost us the game hard.

On Tuesday, I did manage to sneak another deck in with a variant of Elves, but I am going to be honest; I got trashed. Not even a little bit, only managing to steal a single game against Bogles. I learned in that league that Essence Warden cannot be cut out of the deck in this current meta. 

Snow Bogles.  Redemption was finally found with a resounding 4-1! Match one we lost game one because of me choosing to keep a no creature hand and being punished by never actually drawing any of the fourteen in the deck. Game two we managed to get an Armadillo Cloak on a creature and the opponent couldn't beat the life gain. Game three was a misplay, but not really a punt. Playing around a Goblin Bushwhacker I stayed back on defense to block, but did not anticipate the Goblin Sledder which stopped us from gaining life and let the opponent sneak out the game. Against Tron, and Jeskai Skred (twice) we were able to get out threats and beat face so fast they didn't even really get a chance to fight back and it was glorious! I would go a touch more in depth, but my stream software exploded so I couldn't look back to see exactly how everything went down. Green Stompy in match five though, I remember we just got to be very rude to our opponent, going big life gain in game one and playing a Standard Bearer in game two, making it so they weren't allowed to pump any of their stuff so we could dominate the match.

That then sums up the week! I am hoping with winter coming I will get more time to crank out matches to prove my point instead of being made a fool. Monday, we are looking to play a bit of a turbo-fog/impact deck that looks really fun. After game three Monday, I will set a poll to see what will be up for Wednesday. As always, you can find me on Twitch and can join in the fun! Until then, DISMISSED!

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