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Fish Five-0: Temur Elementals (Standard, Magic Arena)

Its time for some experimental elementals!


There are tons of elemental builds running around right now as it's still in the early stages of #MTGM20 but currently, this version runs the explore package as I often forget Wildgrowth Walker is an elemental creature. The new cards that make this whole deck tick are Risen Reef and Omnath, Locus of the Roil.

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Risen Reef goes above and beyond if it stays around and the best part is that even if it gets removed, it already replaced itself or ramped you. If this goes unanswered then this card usually just runs away with games. This card definitely flew by under the radar for me as I thought this card would only be a staple in Elemental tribal but this card could just be good enough to play without a ton of elementals.

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Omnath aka Flubber has returned and this time it's actually powerful enough for constructed. It does everything as it can be removal, card advantage, and a threat. The only thing to note is that your opponents can respond to the 'enters the battlefield' trigger so make sure you're prepared for that in the event they remove an elemental to mess with your math.

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Living Twister was a nonfactor with the release of #MTGWAR but now that elementals are a thing, this card is absolutely sweet. The stats on this alone makes it such a solid blocker. The synergies of this and Nissa, Who Shakes the world are sweet. If they try to kill off any of your lands, you can tap the land itself and send it back to your hand which can be used later as a form of removal or direct damage. Definitely looking to add more of these to the deck.


I tried some sweet new cards like Cavalier of Flame and I think that was the only card that really let me down. Card was medium at best so I probably will look to dropping it and maybe trying the green Cavalier or just lower the deck's curve and be the more aggressive version of elementals as opposed to the midrange one here. I think the deck is in its infancy stage and is nowhere near perfect but could definitely become a powerhouse. I believe with rotation, the elemental decks don't lose much so maybe this can be the new tribal machine we've been waiting for. 

See you at the next one!


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