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Fish Five-0: Temur Dinosaurs (Standard, Magic Arena)

Welcome back dino lovers! This week, we have a spicy deck by AsianBaller who decided to add blue to his dinosaur deck! Does the splash of blue make this deck the truth?


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For me the deck's strength came from what we already knew would be powerful. Getting a turn one Llanowar Elves is never a bad thing since it allows us to expedite our threats . Carnage Tyrant is the carnage tank for a reason and was usually what we were looking for to close out games. Vivien Reid was the card that gave us some kind of card advantage engine that would allow us to continue to have threats much like any good green midrange deck. 


I felt that the blue splash here actually ended up hurting us as we often found ourselves with blue cards and no blue mana. Also, would those blue cards be better as other threats? I did have a blast casting Negate and Spell Pierce against control decks though. You've got to keep those control players on their toes! I also wasn't a huge fan of Legion Warboss as it kind of felt weak in comparison to the deck and the field. The deck was a blast but is really needing Breeding Pool as the mana base was a bit all over the place. Who knows though? With the new set, maybe Counter-Saurs will take off?


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