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Fish Five-0: Sultai Campaign (Standard, Magic Arena)

What is happening this week for Fish Five-0? We're going to be bringing back two favorites of mine in Thief of Sanity and Disinformation Campaign! Tempo piloted this list to a clean 5-0.


For the most part this build is the Sultai Midrange deck that we know and love, except we drop the explore package. Instead, we're going to be using Thief of Sanity and Hydroid Krasis to beat down.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

While all of this is happening, we've got cards like Thought Erasure and Disinformation Campaign to grind our opponents out of answers and cards. Because we're using the Surveil package we've got Doom Whisperer  in here to keep the value train going.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00


Match Recaps:

Golgari Undergrowth 2-1 (W): This matchup was a true grindfest of trading threats back to back but we slightly won the value train by cashing in on our Eldest Reborn to grab their Golgari Findbroker to rebuy an Eldest Reborn.

Temur Midrange 0-2 (L): Game 1 was slightly hindered by not counting the Incubation Druid I had on board with Adapt when casting a Hydroid Krasis. Game 2 however was just decided by the fact that the opponent landed The Immortal Sun when we had a grip full of planeswalkers.

Red Deck Wins 2-1(W): Game 1 went in a typical red deck fashion where we got burnt out quickly but game 2 was decided by a Thief of Sanity connecting too many times and spiraling out of control. Game 3 we held out until the late game as our opponent had what seemed to be mostly removal but not enough aggression early game. This then spiraled out of control when we landed a Vraska, Relic Seeker to close out the game while the opponent was left to topdeck.

4 Color Control 2-0(W): Game 1 is chalked up to a Vivien Reid ultimate but game 2 we were trading my threats for their answers for quite some time until we got a late game Thief of Sanity, once our opponent had run out of answers, to pile up the value and grab a ton of their counterspells.

Jund Midrange 2-1(W): Game 1 had Thief of Sanity decide another match as we did enough chip damage and then closed out with a Carnage Tyrant off the top of their deck. Game 2 was looking good as we were starting the race off quite well with a few Thief of Sanity but couldn't close out as we were stuck on lands and then they landed a Find // Finality to sweep our board. Game 3 was a fun game as it was two grindy game plans going at it as it should. I did, however, happen to have the Vivien Reid to keep our foot on the gas and pull ahead.



The deck plays a lot more like a Dimir Midrange deck. With the Surveil package we were able to grind our opponent down to a few cards, which wasn't hard to get rid of as most of our threats are must answer threats upon hitting the board. I would personally like to see some Hostage Taker and maybe Find // Finality in the main deck for a few more threats but otherwise, the deck is all about the grind. The Find // Finality would be ways to bring back Thief of Sanity and Hydroid Krasis while also providing us with a clean answer for decks that like to go wide. Thief of Sanity is such a fun card and being able to combine that with Thought Erasure + Disinformation Campaign is always a good time. If you're all about the grindiest of grindy decks, give this deck a spin!

See you soon!

- TheAsianAvenger 



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