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Fish Five-0: Jund Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

To all the people returning in the new year, hello and thanks for coming back! For all the newcomers, pull up a chair and let's see if we can find out if this Jund Midrange deck piloted by Media1515 is the truth!


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Often times Siege-Gang Commander comes down and gets removed, but the nice thing about this deck is we play Find // Finality and we were able to buy it back while also beating the opponent down with our friendly little 1/1 goblin tokens enough to where the follow up Siege-Gang Commander would close out the game with it's activated ability. I love this card and I'm happy people are playing it. Rekindling Phoenix is a resilient threat that forces our opponent to use answers like Vraska's Contempt and other exile effects. If not, this card forces your opponent to 2 for 1 themselves. This card is just a solid threat. The Immortal Sun as you will see in some of the grindier matches, was how we stayed in the game. Drawing two a turn and making our threats cheaper isn't a joke. Especially not when we're playing cards like Goblin Instigator, which means for one mana you can drop 4 power in creatures! The Immortal Sun does it all for us and is our late game engine.

Potential Adds:

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

I think the deck can definitely afford to have two The Eldest Reborn and a third copy of Find // Finality. Reborn, helps us just keep recurring our threats and helps us grind really well against Golgari. Also the same reason why I want another copy of Find // Finality in the deck. Just to grind even more and have an additional board clear.



This deck was a blast to play and I believe a pro player in Jim Davis actually has found success with the Rakdos midrange plan. The inclusion of green didn't feel like it held us back too much as we were able to easily cast our all of our threats and it was nice to have a main deck board sweeper that could also be used as a Soul Salvage effect to help us fight the decks trying to one for one us forever. Outside of the Siege-Gang Commander most of the cards in this deck are versatile enough for you to craft and take into Golgari midrange, so I don't hate the crafts. As we draw closer to Ravnica Allegiance, there may even be more of a reason to stay Jund or just Rakdos as Rakdos will be getting a ton of support with the next set's release. If you like midrange, this deck is definitely fun and for you!

Thanks for starting the new year with me on Fish Five-0!


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