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Fish Five-0: Jeskai Drakes (Standard, Magic Arena)

This week we take to the skies with a bunch of drizzies — Drakes! This list was piloted to a clean 5-0 by chibi3439! 


Our deck plays a ton of cheap spells and ways to go through our deck which powers our big winged friends Enigma Drake and Crackling Drake. Assuming our drakes haven't killed our opponents with one massive hit, we can slam Niv-Mizzet, Parun after we've exhausted our opponent's of resources to win the game.

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Why Add White?

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With the addition of white we have way more powerful answers to bigger threats in Justice Strike. Since our threats all have 4 toughness or greater, we have the luxury of using Deafening Clarion's other mode to get us a ton of life back.  My personal favorite inclusions are Absorb and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria as this gives the deck more power and a way to fight from a different angle outside of big drakes.

Matchup Recaps

Mono Blue 2-0 (W): This is a favorable matchup for us as we can disrupt our opponents and all of our threats fly so we can block all of their threats. We were able to just swarm our opponent with big drakes and that closed the game!

Selesnya Angels 2-0 (W): We were able to steal game one with some godly levels of topdecking as the first game looked like it was over early as they were able to curve out their angels. Game two was not as troublesome as we were able to Entrancing Melody and steal some of their threats while also being able to sit behind our drakes.

Mono Blue 2-1 (W): Much like our first match we just swarmed with drakes but we did drop game two as they had one too many Tempest Djinn for us to handle.

Dimir Midrange 2-1 (W): This was a rough matchup as they have a ton of removal, Hostage Taker, and Doom Whisperer but we were able to counter them back and get there on the back of a Teferi emblem and some big drake action

Selesnya Tokens 2-1 (W): Game one was decided by us having three massive drakes. Game two we get got by an off the top Flourish. If they hadn't drawn that, they were dead to two [Enigma Drake]]. Game three was a nail biter but Niv-Mizzet did Niv-Mizzet things!


The addition of white seemed perfect for this deck. As mentioned before, adding Teferi just gave us even more power. Deafening Clarion would also give us the much-needed health swing to stay in the game. I don't think I'd make many changes to this deck as the list felt exactly where I wanted it to be so good job chibi3439 on the 5-0! The list was a blast to play! This deck is definitely channeling that BDE...Big Drake Energy!


See you at the next one!



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