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Fish Five-0: Jeskai Control (Standard, Magic Arena)

Hey everyone, welcome to my brand new series Fish Five-0 where I'll be taking decks that have 5-0'd or won any major events and putting it through the gauntlet so you don't have to spend your wild cards and hard earned cash to figure out if you like the deck! I do the playtesting for you, and we'll see if we can determine if it's a flash in the pan or the truth with our detective team work.

This week we're going to be playing Adrian Sullivan's GP or Magic Fest(?) Milwaukee winning list!

Keep in mind when you see these 5-0 lists and whatnot, they may be tuned for a different meta, so if you personally have any changes you'd recommend for the decklist, drop that in the comments section. On top of that if you have any decklists that have 5-0'd or done well and want to see it played, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or in the comments section.

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