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Fish Five-0: Grixis Control

With every new set, the burning question is "How good is Grixis?" Well, this is the first iteration of the deck and it'll primarily play a lot like the Dimir control deck w/ Yorion from before Kaldheim's release. 

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The deck got a few upgrades thanks to Kaldheim 

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The whole reason we're splashing red is for Valki, God of Lies as Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor is just a good magic card even when you cast it fair and square. It's great early as you're able to steal problematic creatures from an opponent's hand and when you need a haymaker in the late game, Tibalt fills that spot. You've also got two new control staples in Saw It Coming & Behold the Multiverse. The Foretell mechanic has proven to be quite powerful. Knowing when to  Foretell will be key as we want to be managing our resources especially in a blue matchup where we might need to be ready for Mystical Dispute and other counter magic like that. 

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Post board we bring in cards like Omen of the Sun to fight off low to the ground decks. The specific reason for Omen is it's ability to be blinked by Yorion! Of course, Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger will be brought in for our Rogue matchup. 


The deck is still a bit rough as the first few weeks of a format normally need to cement itself before you can get a solid control list. As of right now, it seems like Sultai Control is the way to go due to having a Triome and having access to a card like Binding the Old Gods means that Sultai is just too powerful to pass up. I do believe that the power of Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor is able to boost the power level of Grixis but will still be tier 2 until we get a new set! Grixis feels so close to being playable in standard so hang on Bolas Believers! For now, we wait in the shadows.

As always, thanks for the support and see you at the next one! 

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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