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Fish Five-0: Green Deck Wins (Standard, Magic Arena)

Remember Mono Green Stompy? Well _Tia93_ made sure people did with a 5-0 finish in an MTGO Competitive League.


We're all about curving big beefy threat into big beefy threat. The best thing is that we have Llanowar Elves to help accelerate us as sometimes a Steel Leaf Champion on turn 2 and Nullhide Ferox on turn 3 are just unbeatable. 

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What's Changed?

Not much to be honest. The deck got a sweet new threat that can serve as a mana sink for us in the late game as a one ooze army! 

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Untapping with this card is quite a euphoric feeling. It's able to generate a bunch of lil' oozeys on it's own. They won't stay small for long either as the Ooze gives a +1/+1 counter at your end step to all oozes you control! Now when you're flooded you actually have something to do with all that mana! It's also nice as this is a good threat to play after a board wipe. 

Matchup Recap

Temur Reclamation 2-1 (W): We got on the ground early with mana dorks and a Steel Leaf Champion. The nice thing about this match up is game one they don't have much to deal with wide boards. Especially wide boards that are beefy. Post-board however, they have access to a disgusting instant speed interaction in Fiery Cannonade + Expansion // Explosion. As we don't have any pirates, that combination is very good at clearing our boards which is precisely how we lost game two. We were able to fight through it game three and we had some timely Thrashing Brontodon action to blow up their Wilderness Reclamation which set them back a ton. We also had to fight through a Niv-Mizzet, Parun which feels good after the match, but when you're sitting there on a Mono green's one of the scariest feelings 

Izzet Drakes 2-1 (W): Game one we started off with a fiery start with a bunch of ramp and Kruul Harpooner sitting in our hands waiting for any drakes which wouldn't happen for some time as they stumbled on red mana. Game two our opponent was on removal tribal and killed everything of ours and just got in with one big drake. It was quite back and forth for a second but after we lost our Nullhide Ferox to a Beacon Bolt they had a lock on us. Game three we did have Shaper's Sanctuary on turn one and a Llanowar Elves that kept us in the game as we were behind on land for the entire match. Once we were able to draw land number four, I slammed a second Nullhide Ferox which ended up closing out the match because the drake deck had too little mana to deal with double Nullhide Ferox.

Izzet Phoenix 1-2 (L): Not having many ways to interact with Goblin Electromancer is a scary feeling against this deck. Game one they were able to pile up a ton of discounted spells and a few Arclight Phoenix to close out the game. On top of that, Entrancing Melody stealing a beefy Pelt Collector is a feel bad. Game two we got on the ground early and had done enough damage with two Pelt Collector and Kruul Harpooner. This was a close game two as we were on two lands for most of the game.  Game three was a problem for us as they had Lava Coil anytime we played a Steel Leaf Champion and rode a single Arclight Phoenix to victory as we had to deal with their Goblin Electromancer.

Esper Midrange/Control 1-2 (L): We took game one despite them connecting a few times with Thief of Sanity as our board was too big and their mana base was all over the place in terms of colors. Games two and three they made work of us as Kaya's Wrath, Cleansing Nova, and a ton of removal and counterspells did us in. There were moral victories though! We got to play Nullhide Ferox off Basillica Bell-Haunt.

Azorius Historic 2-0 (W): Game one our opponent didn't draw enough answers and our big threats were able to close. Game 2, however, was when they were able to sit behind a problematic Traxos, Scourge of Kroog. We eventually just sat on a Biogenic Ooze, which kept generating ooze tokens. This eventually forced our opponent to board wipe which we then promptly windmill slammed Carnage Tyrant to close out.


The deck got a sweet new toy in Biogenic Ooze but I don't think the card helps deal with the deck's shortcomings. I do however enjoy playing a ton of oozes so I will take any chance I can. With how the meta is currently sitting, it's nice to just jam big green creatures on ill-prepared opponents as that will steal many games for us. If you're a fan of Green Deck Wins or Stompy style decks, I would definitely look to building this list for your local FNM or Arena collection.

See you soon as next week I'll be playing user submiited decks!


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