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Fish Five-0: Dimir Tezzerator

With Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge,Palladium Myr, and a few Ugins in standard, I had to see if there was an artifact deck that could exist in standard. Here's what I was able to throw together.

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The decklist is pretty greedy and doesn't run many ways to beat aggro in the main deck outside of using Ugin, the Spirit Dragon's -X ability. The deck is very much all in on ramping and playing big beefy bombs over and over. The only target that gets hit by an Ugin is Tezzeret and Shimmer Dragon. I'm currently trying out a singleton copy of Shimmer Dragon as it will usually have Hexproof and can draw us tons of cards while just being a solid beater.

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The whole reason we have Tezzeret is because of our ability to jam a ton of cheap artifacts to reduce the cost of our planeswalkers and the ability to zap our opponents with the +2. The -3 serves as a way to buy back artifacts like Mazemind Tome and Solemn Simulacrum that have been sent to the graveyard. The ultimate on this Tezzeret won't ever be needed but the other abilities will suffice.

Although we don't have green in our deck, we do have a decent amount of ramp in our deck!

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These two cards will allow us to cheat out our big planeswalkers and the fact that they're artifacts means they'll live through an Ugin -X while also getting the discount from Tezzeret. 

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We've also got Karn, the Great Creator as a way to turn our sideboard into a toolbox. It's nice to have something that gives us an artifact for whatever situations come up. It also doesn't hurt that it also shuts down a Witch's Oven.


The deck is definitely fun for those who are looking for a Timmy style deck that can also play artifacts. I don't think it's the most competitive deck, however. I think the deck can definitely get the jump on Bant and Sultai midrange decks as they don't interact with you early so this allows us to get all of our pieces in motion to ramp stuff out, but post boarded games can be rough when they're packing a ton of counterspells. If Red deck and Mono black are prominent, the deck would need a lot of retooling with more main deck respect for aggro decks, but the deck is a blast to play in the midrange matchups. Sometimes we just go off and dump our hand and thanks to Mystic Forge, the fun never ends! 

As always, thanks for tuning in, and hopefully some sort of artifact comes to fruition post rotation!

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