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Fish Five-0: Dimir Poppet' Off! | Standard

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If you've been following my adventures and commentary of #MTGMID, one of the more fun cards coming out of the set for me is Suspicious Stowaway and Poppet Stitcher!

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The Stowaway is an amazing early game threat that can loot and if you've learned anything by now, the new Night/Day mechanic is powerful! I can't imagine many situations where Stowaway's back side being a downside as connecting will just draw us a card with no looting required! We just flat out get a clean free draw on an unblockable threat! On top of that, we've got Poppet Stitcher that is in the same format with a card like Sedgemoor Witch. These two serve as a watered-down version of Monastery Mentor! The beauty in Poppet Stitcher is that we have some solid cheap spells, but as much as I hate extra turn spells, Alrund's Epiphany with Stitcher means we instantly get to flip into Poppet Factory. Losing Decayed on our tokens is huge. Sure, we lose flying on our birds but every token now is just a vanilla 3/3 beater and that is certainly a powerful attack force!

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I'm also trying Curse of Leeches as a way to help us gain a little bit of life that could potentially turn into a 4/4 lifelinking beater that pairs nicely with the Night/Day mechanic! This will be especially helpful when there are quite a few aggressive decks running around right now.


The deck plays a lot like a typical tempo deck. The only issue with our deck is how poorly we play from behind. The Gruul werewolves deck is a scary match up and it's quite prominent. Between that and not many clean ways to deal with Esika's Chariot, we'll definitely have to tune the deck to play against that. However, the deck does beat Prismari Dragons pretty easily! 

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