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Fish Five-0: Boros Angels (Standard, Magic Arena)

Today we've got a few guardian angels to help carry us to a hopeful 5-0 record!! That's right! We're playing a Boros Angels deck that Koala_Jam piloted to a nice 5-0. We'll see if we can replicate those results!

Here's their list!

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

These three cards are probably my favorite out of all the cards in the deck. They're such powerhouses and resilient!


It's a rough draft but here's how my list would look like. It would be pretty much identical except for two cards out of the sideboard. I love the idea of Make a Stand and a second Shalai, Voice of Plenty



The deck is powerful and is always looking to find a smooth curve! My Concerns are how many Mythic wildcards are being used on this deck and that it's worst matchups is Golgari Midrange and Control. If we run into Golgari, we're heavily relying on Tocatli Honor Guard to carry us as we're playing a very slow and clunky plan against a deck that has a billion ways to remove your creatures, but it is nice to shut off their explore package and all their "Enters the Battlefield" effects. Our control gameplan is to truly just nickle and dime our opponent's health total and then jam the good ol' Banefire but otherwise, I think this deck is super cool and really beats up on Mono Red and has big game against the other aggro decks of the format. 


See ya soon!

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