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Fish Five-0: Big Snakdos

Kaldheim has definitely added some powerful cards to the standard meta in Valki, God of Lies, snow lands, and a decent amount of powerful snow spells like Blood on the Snow. The deck I've got today is the Rakdos variant of "Big Red" and "Big Boros." The difference is now we have a reason to add a second color as it'll give us more win conditions outside of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon...

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The deck's main gameplan is to get its late-game threats out early and we have two methods of doing so. The first method is the usual with Solemn Simulacrum ramping us a ton. The card that Kaldheim brought to the deck is Dream Devourer

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This card will serve as a super mana dork. It'll be our Elvish Mystic in that it'll allow us to Foretell all of our big spells like Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. The mana reduction we'll get from Foretelling all of our big spells will be essential in expediting our gameplan. Being able to Foretell will also allow us to save our threats and answers from discard spells like Agonizing Remorse and Elspeth's Nightmare. It's also a beefy body so it'll survive through a Bonecrusher Giant

Speaking of the Rakdos mythic, Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor has overperformed. 

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We all knew this card would be good but I didn't think it'd be as good as it has been. Being able to exile The Great Henge for ourselves is quite nice. Before, our deck was anemic once our opponents answered our Ugin, the Spirit Dragon but with Tibalt, we're packed with threats. The versatility the card has with its cheaper half, Valki, God of Lies, has been amazing. Being able to strip our opponent's of cards like Bonecrusher Giant while also turning it into the exact creature we've stolen has definitely won us some games. With Valki only costing us two mana, it doesn't clunk up our hand like multiple Ugins would. 

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With snow in our deck, we gained access to some powerful answers in Tundra Fumarole and Blood on the Snow. Tundra Fumarole allows us to answer a threat while giving us back 3 colorless mana. On the surface, this seems medium but being able to kill a permanent and then taking that mana to Foretelling with Dream Devourer or Solemn Simulacrum smoothes out our turns. We've also got our big snow sweeper that is versatile in what it can destroy but the best part is that we're able to get back a creature on top of that. Being able to blow up the board and then returning a Bonecrusher Giant or Valki, God of Lies will give creature decks a run for their money. 


If you're a fan of the tap-out control playstyle and jamming big threats, this is the deck for you! With the popularity of Goldspan Dragon, we might need to add more instant speed answers so we can protect ourselves from the haste creature. This initial build is a bit light on ways to gain life so we'll have to look to new methods of gaining life back in Rakdos. Outside of that, the deck has performed quite nicely. The sideboard plan of adding more Escape and recursive threats definitely helps us beat the rogues match up. Other than more instant speed removal, I think we just need some cheap sweepers like Extinction Event to help us deal with low to the ground decks that can go wide. 

Let me know what cards could make the cut in the deck. Are you a believer of the Dream Devourer? Either way, there's a lot to do with Kaldheim so I'll see you at the next video!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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