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Fish Five-0: Azorius Tempo

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Mono-White was a deck that I thought would take off with a new standard but it just didn't have enough aggression to kill an opponent who was looking to take all the turns. The thing the deck needed wasn't more one drops or more things in white! It needed blue and it needed the help of the elderly aka Malevolent Hermit and Spectral Adversary!

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The ability to beat an opponent down with Hermit is very real. Hermit will usually draw out a removal spell that opponents would rather aim at a higher priority target. If left alone, we can delay Alrund's Epiphany and sweepers an opponent is trying to use. We also get to cast Hermit's back side, Benevolent Geist to get around cards like Saw It Coming.  This format will put us in numerous situations where Hermit will be good. On top of that, we have Spectral Adversary to phase one of our permanents out as a protection spell. We can also use Spectral Adversary as a way to phase out an attacker to keep our foot on the gas pedal without worrying about taking too much damage.

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We've also got a party focused Spell Pierce in Concerted Defense to keep noncreature spells at bay for cheap! Speaking of cheap spells, Fading Hope is a wonderful way to save our own creatures or to force an opponent to recast their big threats. This spell is pretty much going to serve as our Vapor Snag in 2021! The deck is able to be aggressive while controlling certain aspects of the game!


The deck was absurdly fun to pilot. It has me missing Faeries and Rogues of standard's past but the deck sure does its best tempo game play! Mono White is loaded with a ton of aggression which is great but adding blue gives us the ability to outlast the end game of some decks. If I'm looking for something that isn't cruise control like Mono Green and isn't looking to take every turn like an Epiphany deck, this might be the perfect home. It seriously is an addicting deck to pilot. The list isn't perfect as I think more Skyclave Apparition somewhere in the 75 is worth a look. 

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