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Dovin's Acuity Update (Standard, Magic Arena)

A good amount of people have swung by my Twitch channel and have reached out to me on what an updated Dovin's Acuity control list would look like and I've got something for you!


This deck does absurdly well against aggressive and midrange strategies in best of one as Dovin's Acuity will keep us in the game and almost all of our removal will gain us some life. 

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What has changed since we last saw the deck?

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There has been a take over with a ton of superfriends decks running around and luckily for us, we can try to fight the super menace with The Elderspell and we already had a main deck The Immortal Sun and that won't be going anywhere. The nice thing about #MTGWAR is it brought us Command the Dreadhorde which could be a card we move to the main deck as we gain so much life and can kill so many things that we can easily bring back our opponent's threats. 

Problematic Cards?

I think right now the most problematic card that we need to be prepared for is Narset, Parter of Veils.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Because of Narset's ability to shut down our additional ways to draw, I realized I might want to update the decklist by adding one more The Elderspell or maybe just another Vraska's Contempt because she shuts down our entire deck. If I were hypothetically looking to add more cards, I'd probably cut the singleton copy of Absorb or a Mortify


After running through the queues, we went 6-1 and I think the deck still has a ton of life in it. It could just require a little bit more tuning to beat the dreaded Narset but outside of that, the deck seems fine. We're not as worried about Teferi, Time Raveler as we are rewarded for playing on our Main Phases anyways. The reason this deck has so much life left in it is because best of one is filled with so many aggressive strategies that it's hard to lose when we've got so many spells that gain us life and remove their threats. If you're a fan of best of one and looking for a control deck, this will be the deck for you!

See you at the next one!


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