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Deconstructed: Weatherlight

Fletcher here and welcome back to Deconstructed, a retro set review, where we take a look back at Magic the Gathering history through the frame of a single constructed set. Today, in our third episode, we will be talking about Weatherlight and wrapping up the Mirage block cycle. Weatherlight marked a big shift in the way that MTG set's were designed, developed and marketed. A huge emphasis was placed on story, which permeated through all card art, flavor text and supplemental products. The narrative put forth in Weatherlight, The Weatherlight Saga, will run for the next four years, ending with the release of Apocalypse. Join us as we learn about The Weatherlight Saga and see how the cards released with Weatherlight impacted the Magic World Championship in 1997.

What is your favorite card from Weatherlight? How are these cards still being used in formats today? Leave your comments below and thank you for watching!

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To dive deeper into Weatherlight, check out these reference links: ​

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