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Core Set 2021: Top 10 Pioneer Cards

Core Set 2021 is here! The full spoiler is out, and the cards will be released in digital form on Magic Arena and Magic Online this week. As such, it's time to discuss which cards from the set will make waves in various constructed formats. Last time, we looked at the top Standard cards from the set, which means today, it's time for Pioneer! Which Core Set 2021 cards will shake up the format? Seth and Crim count down their top 10! Then, after the video, make sure to let us know in the comments which Core Set 2021 cards you're most hyped to play in Pioneer!

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Core Set 2021: Top 10 Pioneer Cards

The Lists

Note: Since Core Set 2021 has a lot of reprints, we made a special rule for our top-10 lists this time around. If a reprinted card is new to a format, we could include it on our lists, but if the reprinted card was already legal in the format, it was excluded from the countdown. For example, this means that Ugin, the Spirit Dragon would be eligible for our Standard top-10 lists because it wasn't legal in Standard before Core Set 2021, but Ugin, the Spirit Dragon couldn't be included in our Modern top-10 lists since it was legal in Modern pre–Core Set 2021.

Core Set 2021: Top 10 Pioneer Cards
  Seth's List Crim's List Combined List
#10 Sparkhunter Masticore Sparkhunter Masticore Sparkhunter Masticore
#9 Transmogrify See the Truth Shacklegeist
#8 Necromentia Shacklegeist Demonic Embrace
#7 Grim Tutor Archfiend's Vessel Azusa, Lost but Seeking
#6 Containment Priest Necromentia Archfiend's Vessel
#5 Archfiend's Vessel Eliminate Necromentia
#4 Demonic Embrace Azusa, Lost but Seeking Containment Priest
#3 Stormwing Entity Containment Priest Eliminate
#2 Eliminate Stormwing Entity Stormwing Entity
#1 Chandra's Incinerator Chandra's Incinerator Chandra's Incinerator


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