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Commander Clash S5 Episode 3: More M19! (Goreclaw vs. Isareth vs. Palladia-Mors vs. Sai)

Welcome back to Commander Clash! Last week we celebrated the release of Core Set 2019 by duking it out with the new Elder Dragons. This week we're wrapping up our M19 showcase by building decks around the remaining legendary creatures from the set.

Richard was out enjoying Comic Con when we were recording, but Tom saved the day by taking his spot! Let's see what we've got:

Mono Color commanders duke it out with the final Elder Dragon! Who will come out on top? Let's find out! But first, a quick reminder: if you like Commander Clash. and other video content here on MTGGoldfish, make sure to subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Tom's Deck (Palladia-Mors)


Seth's Deck (Isareth)


Tomer's Deck (Sai)


Vincent's Deck (Goreclaw)


Post-Game Thoughts

No doubt a lot of the comments from this video will be about my misplays, so to clear a few things up:

  • "Why didn't you cast Sai turn 3?" I forgot he was 3cmc and not 4cmc.
  • "Why did you cast X before Y?" I don't know. I realized my mistake(s) soon after I made them.
  • "Why weren't you using convoke/improvise optimally?" MTGO is clunky handling them. If you float mana before casting a spell then MTGO uses that mana before giving you the option to convoke/improvise. I wasn't familiar with that so it messed me up.

TLDR I never played the deck before and if I ran a couple games beforehand I wouldn't be making such obvious mistakes. If I ever played the deck a second time you'd see much cleaner play on my part, but alas, brewing a new deck every single week to play for a single game means these mistakes will happen.

As for the deck itself: it's really fun! I had a blast. Sai, Master Thopterist is an excellent commander in his own right, and a very budget-friendly option too! He also functions great in any Breya, Etherium Shaper deck. Honestly, Artifact is one of my favorite archetypes in all of Commander. The reason I don't play it often, however, is it's such a popular archetype and so heavily supported by WOTC -- probably the most consistently supported archetype in the entire game after the "Creatures Matter" archetype  -- that it's hard not to make an Artifact deck that is too powerful for our playgroup, as showcased here. Also (and I hate myself for this) I'm such a bloody hipster that I actually enjoy my deck less if it's very popular, so Artifact decks being one of the most popular archetypes hinders my enjoyment of it. It's so dumb and yet it's how I feel and I can't get over it though I wish I could. That's why you probably won't see me piloting Sai again any time soon.


Next Week: Viewer Submitted Decks!

That's right, it's time for another Viewer Submitted Deck week! Please send us a deck that you'd like to see us play in a future Commander Clash by linking us the list in the comments section at the bottom of this article or leave a comment over on Youtube. Some criteria for what we're looking for:

  • No individual card should be over $100 USD (our current season budget)
  • Keep the deck's power level around what we'd usually play; I categorize most of our lists as "functional jank"
  • We pick decks that we think the audience will find entertaining, so no hardcore mana denial (nobody likes 2+ hour games of nobody doing anything), no turn 2 combo wins
  • Make sure the deck is functional! Too often I'll see someone submit a really cool deck concept, but it has no ramp / card draw / interaction so I skip over it. If you refine your idea a bit then it makes the choice much more appealing!

And that's it! Submissions are open right now and close Wednesday, August 1st! I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

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