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Commander Clash S2 Episode 8: Lorwyn Tribes

Hello and welcome to Commander Clash, a video series where several MTGGoldfish contributors battle in a four player Commander game for fun and bragging rights. This week, each of us picked a tribe featured in the Lorwyn block to build a deck around. Here's what we came up with:

This video's a long one, full of sweet fails and an even sweeter ending. Hope you enjoy it! But first, quick reminder: if you like Commander Clash and other video content here on MTGGoldfish, make sure to subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel to keep up with the latest and greatest.


Seth's Deck (Goblins)


Richard's Deck (Kithkin)


Tom's Deck (Elementals)


Tomer's Deck (Faeries)


Post-Game Thoughts

While editing this video, I noticed one big play that could've changed how the game ended. Instead of making faerie tokens, I should've plopped down Shapesharer and copied Greenwarden of Murasa, blocked the Goblin Piledriver, then used the Greenwarden's ability to get back and cast Extinction. But if that happened, then we wouldn't have gotten that sweet ending, so I'm fine with how it turned out.

Of the decks showcased, I think Tom's Horde of Notions was the sweetest: there's a ton of elementals that do sweet things when they enter or leave the battlefield, which leads to great synergies with Incandescent Soulstoke, Cauldron of Souls, and so many other neat tricks. Plus the Horde itself is amazing graveyard reanimation. You can easily tune the Elemental deck as casual or competitive to suit your taste and your playgroup's power level.


Next Week: White Elephant

We're building a deck for someone else in the group to pilot: something we think the person will enjoy. Can we correctly identify each member's preferred playstyles and craft a deck that fits them? Let's see what we come up with!

As always, we encourage you to leave us a comment on this article, on YouTube, or on Twitter @BudgetCommander. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, be it thoughts on the game, ideas on how to improve the series, or suggestions for future themes; we read all of them and bring them up in discussions. Thanks for watching!

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