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Babel Fish: Budget Commander with Tomer Abramovici

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Babel Fish! Joining us today is MTGGoldfish's own Tomer Abramovici. We discuss the basics of Commander and how his series, Budget Commander, can be used for building and tuning your very own Commander deck.

Whether you are a veteran player or brand new to the format, Budget Commander is a great resource for building Commander decks on a budget, especially when upgrading any Commander preconstructed decks from Wizards. Then, we play a pickup game of Commander using customized Budget Commander lists, featuring Quest for the Janklord's Joe Kroll (@kroll_joe) and the Irish jank brewmaster, Scott, aka @Syvantir.

Will the politeness of Tomer's Canadian roots infect us all with too much civility? Will this be the friendliest game of Commander that you have ever seen?  Or will it degrade to a toxic political free-for-all? All that and more in this episode of Babel Fish!


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