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Article Writers BETA

MTGGoldfish is looking for BETA users to test out our new content creation system. As you may have noticed, we've launched an Articles section on MTGGoldfish. The goal is to have a place where Magic players can share their thoughts with the community. Unlike other established sites, you don't need to be a professional player to contribute here. Plus you will have access to all of the great MTGGoldfish tools like card images, pricing widgets and deck widgets. Soon it will be open to everyone, but for now we're keeping it on an invite-only basis to iron out the kinks. As for content, anything goes: It can be anything MTG related from mtgfinance, metagame analysis, tournament reports, lore guides, product reviews, even cosplay projects! 

If you're interested in partcipating, please send an email to with the following:

  • A little blurb about who you are and any past writing experience. What topics do you plan to cover.
  • Your existing MTGGoldfish account info (either Facebook/Twitter/Email)

About the program:

  • Anyone can be a writer. You don' t need to be famous or a pro player.
  • There is no set schedule for publishing. You can publish when you have something to share with the community.
  • All articles submitted go through an editor for proof-reading and editing.
  • There is no compensation for writers. In return for publishing, you get access to the MTGGoldfish community and viewership.
  • There is an invite-only Preferred Authors program where you get compensated for each article.


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