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Amonkhet In-Store Play Updates & Foil Promo Full-Art Lands

Wizards has announced their in-store updates for Amonkhet and provided additional information for stores. Here's a summary of the changes: 

  • Standard Series events from February 13 to April 6. Players will earn rewards for playing in six events during that period, and some players may get an exclusive Amonkhet playmat
  • Standard Showdown events from May 6 for eight weeks. Standard Showdown prize boosters will be awarded like with Kaladesh. Stores can also now run events on Saturday or Sunday.
  • A Magic Open House event on April 15 featuring learn-to-play Magic events, free 2017 Welcome Decks, and premium foil full-art basic lands. Each store will receive 20 Welcome Decks and 25 basic lands (five of each type).

There's not much more information available on the full-art basic lands, but hopefully we'll get some previews during spoiler season.

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