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$100 Standard Deck: Abzan Reanimator



Elvish Mystic [M15] Rattleclaw Mystic [KTK]


Early game ramp is important since some of our creatures later on are ones we might want to try to hardcast. So not only is a playset of Elvish Mystic a must, but we're also going to want a playset of Rattleclaw Mystic. Since red and blue aren't our colors, we're going to use Rattleclaw Mystic as a slightly more expensive Elvish Mystic. This happens to be our first budget substitution because ideally we'd want a playset of Sylvan Caryatid. A playset of Sylvan Caryatid is upwards of $15.00 - $17.00, but Rattleclaw Mystic is only $5.00 - $6.00. If you've already got a few Sylvan Caryatid, they are obviously superior. If you end up loving this deck then that's the first area you will want to upgrade.


Satyr Wayfinder [M15] Commune with the Gods [THS] Nyx Weaver [JOU]


Satyr Wayfinder is the first of our graveyard dumping spells. It lets us get some much needed lands in the process. Commune with the Gods is our star, letting us grab a creature or enchantment and place it into our hand. Nyx Weaver has a self-mill for two cards per upkeep. It provides blocking with reach and can even be sacrificed to bring any card back from the graveyard to our hand.


Whip of Erebos [THS] Endless Obedience [M15]


Whip of Erebos gives us a one shot reanimation. The added lifelink can be vital in a tough matchup. Also, don't forget that it's an enchantment so we can grab it with Commune with the Gods if we need to. Endless Obedience might cost six, but with Convoke it makes every creature (even Nyx Weaver) into a mana producer for it. We might be able to ramp up to cast this as early as turn four.

What are we going to reanimate? We're going to run a playset of Siege Rhino. It's a card we might end up casting on turn three and reanimating after it dies. Each time it comes back to the battlefied, it Lightning Bolts our opponent and gives us three life. This is our deck's all-star.

Hornet Queen brings 4 1/1 flying deathtouchers with her. Even if you bring her back with the Whip of Erebos, these stay even after she is exiled. Having so many 1/1 flying deathtouchers can shut down an opponent's ability to attack with creatures. As an added bonus, we can use them as mana when convoking a spell like Endless Obedience.

Resolute Archangel is the last thing your opponent wants to see late game. Even when brought back with the Whip of Erebos, you go all the way back to 20 life. If you're not a fan of Resolute Archangel, this slot is absolutely open to other favorites you might want to play: Stormtide Leviathan?

Finally, one Ashen Rider affordably priced at just $2.00 is a lot of bad news for your opponent. You're not likely going to cast this from your hand, but if you get it reanimated with Endless Obedience, you'll get an exile trigger when it hits the battlefield and another when it dies. That exile is for any permanent: planeswalkers, lands, whatever you like. Even if you Whip of Erebos it back in play for just a turn, you still get one exile from it.

We also have two alternate late game win conditions. The first is another reanimator strategy with See the Unwritten. We're looking to have a couple nasties in the graveyard and one on the battlefield to trigger the Ferocious. Imagine casting Siege Rhino from your hand one turn, and then casting See the Unwritten to bring another Siege Rhino and an Ashen Rider back into play. What does GG stand for again? Or as an all-purpose emergency button you can Empty the Pits. We're likely to have an overwhelmingly large graveyard very fast. With a lot less boardwipe than when Return to Ravnica was around, that army of zombies are likely to turn the tide in your favor.

The removal includes a couple of Murderous Cut, as well as Banishing Light.

For lands, you only really need to run one Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. When it comes into play, it makes every other land into a B mana producer. While not as bad as Abzan Midrange, we would still like a small assortment of fetches, pain and temples. The temples can be swapped out with things like Blossoming Sands and Jungle Hollow. Not ideal, but it is budget and any fetches or pains in our colors that you already have should be swapped in. Hopefully with a spell like Commune with the Gods we can make due with the budget manabase.



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