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Lathliss 2 by TheJuutai

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$ 175.87
20.79 tix
4 Mythic, 12 Rare, 6 Uncommon, 43 Common

Format: Commander
User Submitted Deck
Deck Date: Dec 6, 2021

1 Lathliss, Dragon Queen $ 3.65
Creatures (11)
1 Avaricious Dragon $ 1.81
1 Thunderbreak Regent $ 0.49
1 Flameblast Dragon $ 0.52
1 Inferno of the Star Mounts $ 6.95
1 Moltensteel Dragon $ 0.93
1 Warmonger Hellkite $ 0.98
1 Ancient Hellkite $ 0.44
1 Dragon Mage $ 0.43
1 Furyborn Hellkite $ 2.44
1 Bogardan Hellkite $ 0.49
1 Dragon Tyrant $ 2.25
Spells (45)
43 Dragon's Approach $ 126.42
1 Shattered Perception $ 0.27
1 Reforge the Soul $ 10.85
Artifacts (4)
1 Orb of Dragonkind $ 0.78
1 Perpetual Timepiece $ 0.59
1 Dragon's Hoard $ 0.71
1 Herald's Horn $ 8.06
Enchantments (3)
1 Dragon Tempest $ 4.85
1 The Flame of Keld $ 0.29
1 Crucible of Fire $ 1.30
Lands (36)
1 Crucible of the Spirit Dragon $ 0.37
35 Mountain $ 0.00
100 Cards Total
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  21 tix
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  $ 1 / wk
1 Lathliss, Dragon Queen 0.02 tix
Creatures (11)
1 Avaricious Dragon 0.01 tix
1 Thunderbreak Regent 0.02 tix
1 Flameblast Dragon 0.01 tix
1 Inferno of the Star Mounts 8.41 tix
1 Moltensteel Dragon 0.01 tix
1 Warmonger Hellkite 2.17 tix
1 Ancient Hellkite 0.01 tix
1 Dragon Mage 0.03 tix
1 Furyborn Hellkite 0.01 tix
1 Bogardan Hellkite 0.01 tix
1 Dragon Tyrant 0.05 tix
Spells (45)
43 Dragon's Approach 1.29 tix
1 Shattered Perception 0.02 tix
1 Reforge the Soul 0.16 tix
Artifacts (4)
1 Orb of Dragonkind 0.05 tix
1 Perpetual Timepiece 0.03 tix
1 Dragon's Hoard 0.02 tix
1 Herald's Horn 8.40 tix
Enchantments (3)
1 Dragon Tempest 0.02 tix
1 The Flame of Keld 0.01 tix
1 Crucible of Fire 0.01 tix
Lands (36)
1 Crucible of the Spirit Dragon 0.02 tix
35 Mountain 0.00 tix
100 Cards Total
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  21 tix
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  $ 1 / wk
1 Lathliss, Dragon Queen 1 Rare
Creatures (11)
1 Avaricious Dragon 1 Mythic
1 Thunderbreak Regent 1 Rare
1 Flameblast Dragon 1 Rare
1 Inferno of the Star Mounts 1 Mythic
1 Moltensteel Dragon 1 Rare
1 Warmonger Hellkite 1 Rare
1 Ancient Hellkite 1 Rare
1 Dragon Mage 1 Unc.
1 Furyborn Hellkite 1 Mythic
1 Bogardan Hellkite 1 Mythic
1 Dragon Tyrant 1 Rare
Spells (45)
43 Dragon's Approach 43 Comm.
1 Shattered Perception 1 Unc.
1 Reforge the Soul 1 Rare
Artifacts (4)
1 Orb of Dragonkind 1 Rare
1 Perpetual Timepiece 1 Unc.
1 Dragon's Hoard 1 Rare
1 Herald's Horn 1 Unc.
Enchantments (3)
1 Dragon Tempest 1 Unc.
1 The Flame of Keld 1 Unc.
1 Crucible of Fire 1 Rare
Lands (36)
1 Crucible of the Spirit Dragon 1 Rare
35 Mountain
100 Cards Total
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  21 tix
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  $ 1 / wk

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...


Mana Values

Card Types


Card Breakdown

Below are the most popular cards played in this deck:


Lathliss, Dragon Queen Lathliss, Dragon Queen [JMP]
Dragonlord's Servant Dragonlord's Servant [AFC]
Thunderbreak Regent Thunderbreak Regent [AFC]
Scourge of Valkas Scourge of Valkas [AFC]
Hellkite Charger Hellkite Charger [MM2] (F)
Dragonspeaker Shaman Dragonspeaker Shaman [AFC]
Inferno of the Star Mounts Inferno of the Star Mounts [AFR]
Tyrant's Familiar Tyrant's Familiar [C17]
Minion of the Mighty Minion of the Mighty <showcase> [AFR]
Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge [M21]
Glorybringer Glorybringer [AKH]
Obsidian Charmaw Obsidian Charmaw [MH2]
Terror of the Peaks Terror of the Peaks [M21]
Steel Hellkite Steel Hellkite [C21]
Dragon Mage Dragon Mage [M20]
Skyline Despot Skyline Despot [AFC]
Utvara Hellkite Utvara Hellkite [C17]
Archwing Dragon Archwing Dragon [AVR]
Leyline Tyrant Leyline Tyrant [ZNR]
Demanding Dragon Demanding Dragon [AFC]
Goldspan Dragon Goldspan Dragon <planeswalker stamp> [KHM]
Rapacious Dragon Rapacious Dragon [2XM]
Hellkite Tyrant Hellkite Tyrant [C21]
Balefire Dragon Balefire Dragon [PLIST]
Drakuseth, Maw of Flames Drakuseth, Maw of Flames [M20]
Spawn of Thraxes Spawn of Thraxes [JOU]
Terror of Mount Velus Terror of Mount Velus [AFC]
Dragonmaster Outcast Dragonmaster Outcast [AFC]
Chaos Dragon Chaos Dragon [AFC]
Verix Bladewing Verix Bladewing [DOM]
Hoard-Smelter Dragon Hoard-Smelter Dragon [AFC]
Moltensteel Dragon Moltensteel Dragon [NPH]
Ryusei, the Falling Star Ryusei, the Falling Star [C17]
Dragon Hatchling Dragon Hatchling [JMP]
Iron Myr Iron Myr [SOM]
Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded [THB]
Flameblast Dragon Flameblast Dragon [M12]
Knollspine Dragon Knollspine Dragon [MB1]
Bogardan Hellkite Bogardan Hellkite [AFC]
Dragon Egg Dragon Egg [CMR]
Avaricious Dragon Avaricious Dragon [ORI]
Opportunistic Dragon Opportunistic Dragon [AFC]
Skyship Stalker Skyship Stalker [AFC]
Solemn Simulacrum Solemn Simulacrum [AFC]
Backdraft Hellkite Backdraft Hellkite [C19]
Hunted Dragon Hunted Dragon [C15]
Ilharg, the Raze-Boar Ilharg, the Raze-Boar [WAR]
Nesting Dragon Nesting Dragon [C18]
Akoum Hellkite Akoum Hellkite [BFZ]
Hellkite Courser Hellkite Courser [CMR]
Fireblade Charger Fireblade Charger [ZNR]
Goblin Arsonist Goblin Arsonist [M12]
Lavastep Raider Lavastep Raider [BFZ]
Slumbering Dragon Slumbering Dragon [M13]
Sneaking Guide Sneaking Guide [ZNR]
Universal Automaton Universal Automaton [MH1]
Weaselback Redcap Weaselback Redcap [ELD]
Dragonkin Berserker Dragonkin Berserker [KHM]
Ember Hauler Ember Hauler [DDT]
Fissure Wizard Fissure Wizard [ZNR]
Goblin Assailant Goblin Assailant [WAR]
Goblin Bird-Grabber Goblin Bird-Grabber [M20]
Goblin Piker Goblin Piker [M10]
Grotag Bug-Catcher Grotag Bug-Catcher [ZNR]
Harmonic Prodigy Harmonic Prodigy [MH2]
Humble Defector Humble Defector [C20]
Krark, the Thumbless Krark, the Thumbless [CMR]
Mogg Flunkies Mogg Flunkies [M13]
Teeterpeak Ambusher Teeterpeak Ambusher [ZNR]
Zada's Commando Zada's Commando [OGW]
Anje's Ravager Anje's Ravager [VOC]
Archetype of Aggression Archetype of Aggression [PLIST]
Blisterstick Shaman Blisterstick Shaman [MBS]
Bloodline Pretender Bloodline Pretender [KHM]
Burnished Hart Burnished Hart [CMR]
Destructive Digger Destructive Digger [M20]
Feldon of the Third Path Feldon of the Third Path [C21]
Goblin Smuggler Goblin Smuggler [M20]
Grotag Night-Runner Grotag Night-Runner [ZNR]
Lobber Crew Lobber Crew [RTR]
Magus of the Wheel Magus of the Wheel [C20]
Merchant of the Vale Merchant of the Vale [ELD]
Mudbutton Torchrunner Mudbutton Torchrunner [DD3_EVG]
Palladium Myr Palladium Myr [M21]
Raging Redcap Raging Redcap [ELD]
Reckless Bushwhacker Reckless Bushwhacker [OGW]
Redcap Raiders Redcap Raiders [ELD]
Sarkhan's Whelp Sarkhan's Whelp [M19]
Treasure Nabber Treasure Nabber [C18]
Xorn Xorn <showcase> [AFR]
Battle-Rattle Shaman Battle-Rattle Shaman [2XM]
Crimson Fleet Commodore Crimson Fleet Commodore [CMR]
Daggersail Aeronaut Daggersail Aeronaut [M20]
Dragon Whelp Dragon Whelp [4ED]
Furnace Whelp Furnace Whelp [IMA]
Goblin Freerunner Goblin Freerunner [OGW]
Manaform Hellkite Manaform Hellkite [VOW]
Moonveil Regent Moonveil Regent [MID]
Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion [WAR]
Storm-Kiln Artist Storm-Kiln Artist [STX]
Territorial Hellkite Territorial Hellkite [C17]
Hoarding Dragon Hoarding Dragon [IMA]
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker [MB1]
Purifying Dragon Purifying Dragon [MID]
Skarrgan Hellkite Skarrgan Hellkite [RNA]
Etali, Primal Storm Etali, Primal Storm [AFC]
Fiendish Duo Fiendish Duo [GN2] (F)
Moraug, Fury of Akoum Moraug, Fury of Akoum [ZNR]
Predator Dragon Predator Dragon [ALA]
Preyseizer Dragon Preyseizer Dragon [MB1]
Red Dragon Red Dragon [AFR]
Rorix Bladewing Rorix Bladewing [EMA]
Runehorn Hellkite Runehorn Hellkite [C16]
Shivan Dragon Shivan Dragon [W17]
Volcanic Dragon Volcanic Dragon [CMR]
Warmonger Hellkite Warmonger Hellkite [CM2]
Ancient Hellkite Ancient Hellkite [M11]
Furyborn Hellkite Furyborn Hellkite [M12]
Hellkite Punisher Hellkite Punisher [M21]
Imperial Hellkite Imperial Hellkite [LGN]
Siege Dragon Siege Dragon [M15]
Thunder Dragon Thunder Dragon [DDG]
Dragon Tyrant Dragon Tyrant [SCG]
Scion of Draco Scion of Draco [MH2]


Sarkhan the Masterless Sarkhan the Masterless [WAR]
Sarkhan, Fireblood Sarkhan, Fireblood [M19]
Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker [KTK]
Sarkhan, Dragonsoul Sarkhan, Dragonsoul [M19] (F)
Chandra, Fire Artisan Chandra, Fire Artisan [WAR]
Chandra, Torch of Defiance Chandra, Torch of Defiance [SS3]
Chandra, Awakened Inferno Chandra, Awakened Inferno <planeswalker stamp> [M20]


Spit Flame Spit Flame [AFC]
Irencrag Feat Irencrag Feat [ELD]
Seething Song Seething Song [C21]
Earthquake Earthquake [4ED]
Chaos Warp Chaos Warp [MB1]
Jeska's Will Jeska's Will [CMR]
Sarkhan's Triumph Sarkhan's Triumph [DTK]
Vandalblast Vandalblast [VOC]
Magmaquake Magmaquake [AFC]
Thrill of Possibility Thrill of Possibility [M21]
Mana Geyser Mana Geyser [C21]
Blasphemous Act Blasphemous Act [VOC]
Geosurge Geosurge [NPH]
Reforge the Soul Reforge the Soul [AVR]
Desperate Ritual Desperate Ritual [UMA]
Dragon's Fire Dragon's Fire [AFR]
Pyretic Ritual Pyretic Ritual [M11]
Dragon's Approach Dragon's Approach [STX]
Wheel of Fortune Wheel of Fortune [3ED]
Bolt Bend Bolt Bend [WAR]
Blazing Volley Blazing Volley [IKO]
Bonfire of the Damned Bonfire of the Damned [AVR]
Expedite Expedite <precon> [CMR]
Faithless Looting Faithless Looting [C21]
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt [MB1]
Maximize Velocity Maximize Velocity [GRN]
Reckless Air Strike Reckless Air Strike [M20]
Red Sun's Zenith Red Sun's Zenith [MBS]
Redcap Melee Redcap Melee [ELD]
Renegade Tactics Renegade Tactics [CMR]
Shock Shock [AER]
Abrade Abrade [VOW]
Breath of Darigaaz Breath of Darigaaz [IN]
Cathartic Pyre Cathartic Pyre [MID]
Cathartic Reunion Cathartic Reunion [2XM]
Chandra's Pyrohelix Chandra's Pyrohelix [KLD]
Cleansing Wildfire Cleansing Wildfire [ZNR]
Pyrophobia Pyrophobia [MH1]
Raking Claws Raking Claws [IKO]
Roil Eruption Roil Eruption [ZNR]
Rolling Thunder Rolling Thunder [BFZ]
Scorching Dragonfire Scorching Dragonfire [M21]
Shredded Sails Shredded Sails [IKO]
Tears of Valakut Tears of Valakut [OGW]
Tibalt's Trickery Tibalt's Trickery [KHM]
Unleash Fury Unleash Fury [M21]
Volcanic Geyser Volcanic Geyser [M13]
Collective Defiance Collective Defiance [EMN]
Deflecting Swat Deflecting Swat [C20]
Devour in Flames Devour in Flames [OGW]
Exquisite Firecraft Exquisite Firecraft <timeshifted> [TSR]
Honor the God-Pharaoh Honor the God-Pharaoh [WAR]
Seize the Spoils Seize the Spoils [KHM]
Shattered Perception Shattered Perception [DKA]
Slaying Fire Slaying Fire [ELD]
Artillerize Artillerize [NPH]
Draconic Intervention Draconic Intervention [STX]
Unexpected Windfall Unexpected Windfall [AFR]
Visions of Ruin Visions of Ruin [MIC]
Chandra's Flame Wave Chandra's Flame Wave [M20]
Incendiary Command Incendiary Command [C13]
Volcanic Offering Volcanic Offering [C14]
Soulblast Soulblast [10E]
Dragonstorm Dragonstorm [TSB]


Sol Ring Sol Ring [AFC]
Dragon's Hoard Dragon's Hoard [AFC]
Arcane Signet Arcane Signet [AFC]
Orb of Dragonkind Orb of Dragonkind [AFR]
Hazoret's Monument Hazoret's Monument [AKH]
Ruby Medallion Ruby Medallion [C14]
Fire Diamond Fire Diamond [CMR]
Mind Stone Mind Stone [AFC]
Swiftfoot Boots Swiftfoot Boots [AFC]
Herald's Horn Herald's Horn [MB1]
Urza's Incubator Urza's Incubator [C15]
Lightning Greaves Lightning Greaves [C20]
Caged Sun Caged Sun [MB1]
Extraplanar Lens Extraplanar Lens [MRD]
Vanquisher's Banner Vanquisher's Banner <timeshifted> [TSR]
Everflowing Chalice Everflowing Chalice [2XM]
Mana Crypt Mana Crypt [MB1]
Commander's Plate Commander's Plate [CMR]
Locket of Yesterdays Locket of Yesterdays [TSP]
Mana Vault Mana Vault [4ED]
Wayfarer's Bauble Wayfarer's Bauble [PLIST]
Chandra's Regulator Chandra's Regulator [M20]
Coldsteel Heart Coldsteel Heart [MB1]
Liquimetal Torque Liquimetal Torque <retro> [MH2]
Mask of Avacyn Mask of Avacyn <precon> [CMR]
Moonsilver Key Moonsilver Key [MID]
Perpetual Timepiece Perpetual Timepiece [PLIST]
Pillar of Origins Pillar of Origins [XLN]
Prismatic Lens Prismatic Lens [C18]
Star Compass Star Compass [IMA]
Thought Vessel Thought Vessel [PLIST]
Vial of Dragonfire Vial of Dragonfire [M20]
Coalition Relic Coalition Relic [TSR]
Darksteel Ingot Darksteel Ingot [DST]
Icon of Ancestry Icon of Ancestry [M20]
Worn Powerstone Worn Powerstone [PLIST]
Deathrender Deathrender [CNS]
General's Kabuto General's Kabuto [CHK]
Helm of the Host Helm of the Host [DOM]
Maskwood Nexus Maskwood Nexus [KHM]
Quicksilver Amulet Quicksilver Amulet [E02]
Conjurer's Closet Conjurer's Closet [C13]
Gauntlet of Power Gauntlet of Power [PLIST]
Pyromancer's Goggles Pyromancer's Goggles [C21]


Dragon Tempest Dragon Tempest [IMA]
Crucible of Fire Crucible of Fire [IMA]
Molten Echoes Molten Echoes [VOC]
Outpost Siege Outpost Siege [AFC]
Sarkhan's Unsealing Sarkhan's Unsealing [JMP]
Warstorm Surge Warstorm Surge [AFC]
Furious Rise Furious Rise [M21]
Gratuitous Violence Gratuitous Violence [AFC]
Fiery Emancipation Fiery Emancipation [M21]
Sunbird's Invocation Sunbird's Invocation [C21]
Furor of the Bitten Furor of the Bitten [M21]
Circle of Flame Circle of Flame [M12]
Goblin War Paint Goblin War Paint [M12]
Maniacal Rage Maniacal Rage [GRN]
The Flame of Keld The Flame of Keld [DOM]
Hammer of Purphoros Hammer of Purphoros [THS]
Harness the Storm Harness the Storm [SOI]
The First Eruption The First Eruption [DOM]
Valakut Exploration Valakut Exploration <showcase> [ZNR]
Vow of Lightning Vow of Lightning [CMR]
Awaken the Sky Tyrant Awaken the Sky Tyrant [C15]
Fires of Invention Fires of Invention [ELD]
Flameshadow Conjuring Flameshadow Conjuring [ORI]
Leyline of Combustion Leyline of Combustion [M20]
Stranglehold Stranglehold [CMA]
Court of Ire Court of Ire [CMR]
Where Ancients Tread Where Ancients Tread [ALA]
Mirror March Mirror March [RNA]


Mountain Mountain <253> [THB]
Forgotten Cave Forgotten Cave <precon> [CMR]
Haven of the Spirit Dragon Haven of the Spirit Dragon [AFC]
Myriad Landscape Myriad Landscape [VOC]
Temple of the False God Temple of the False God [C21]
Bonders' Enclave Bonders' Enclave [IKO]
Ghost Quarter Ghost Quarter [C14]
Rogue's Passage Rogue's Passage [MIC]
Smoldering Crater Smoldering Crater [C20]
Arcane Lighthouse Arcane Lighthouse [C14]
Arch of Orazca Arch of Orazca [MB1]
Castle Embereth Castle Embereth [ELD]
Command Tower Command Tower [CMR]
Dwarven Mine Dwarven Mine [ELD]
Endless Sands Endless Sands [C20]
Evolving Wilds Evolving Wilds [MID]
Flamekin Village Flamekin Village [C14]
Great Furnace Great Furnace [C18]
Guildless Commons Guildless Commons [CMR]
Mystifying Maze Mystifying Maze [M11]
Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx [THS]
Reliquary Tower Reliquary Tower [C19]
Sanctum of Eternity Sanctum of Eternity [C19]
Scavenger Grounds Scavenger Grounds [C21]
Spinerock Knoll Spinerock Knoll [AFC]
War Room War Room [CMR]

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