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Spell Slinger Nsarri by Kdmiears

Report Deck Name Fix Archetype
$ 438.01
123.19 tix
10 Mythic, 38 Rare, 15 Uncommon, 12 Common, 1 Special

Format: Commander
User Submitted Deck
Deck Date: May 9, 2021

1 Uvilda, Dean of Perfection $ 0.37
Creatures (18)
1 Dire Fleet Daredevil $ 3.54
1 Dockside Extortionist $ 53.29
1 Thieving Skydiver $ 1.66
1 Birgi, God of Storytelling $ 6.22
1 Dualcaster Mage $ 0.38
1 Jhoira of the Ghitu $ 0.40
1 Laelia, the Blade Reforged $ 1.02
1 God-Eternal Kefnet $ 5.91
1 Mizzix of the Izmagnus $ 21.38
1 Sakashima of a Thousand Faces $ 28.40
1 Spark Double $ 9.99
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner $ 0.34
1 Dazzling Sphinx $ 1.25
1 Wandering Archaic $ 8.99
1 Etali, Primal Storm $ 0.99
1 Guile $ 0.75
1 Sage of the Beyond $ 0.41
1 Sphinx of the Second Sun $ 4.64
Spells (27)
1 Vandalblast $ 5.00
1 Arcane Denial $ 1.00
1 Counterspell $ 1.87
1 Crackle with Power $ 2.42
1 Epic Experiment $ 0.62
1 Expressive Iteration $ 0.62
1 Deflecting Swat $ 33.18
1 Fierce Guardianship $ 39.99
1 Jeska's Will $ 14.70
1 Light Up the Stage $ 0.59
1 Saw It Coming $ 0.50
1 Theoretical Duplication $ 3.94
1 Aetherize $ 0.64
1 Ignite the Future $ 0.50
1 Mystic Retrieval $ 0.25
1 Throes of Chaos $ 0.25
1 Creative Technique $ 2.00
1 Mana Geyser $ 1.09
1 Replication Technique $ 1.10
1 Rousing Refrain $ 2.39
1 Time Warp $ 14.45
1 Inspiring Refrain $ 2.29
1 Spelljack $ 3.00
1 Alrund's Epiphany $ 7.05
1 Aminatou's Augury $ 2.00
1 Blasphemous Act $ 2.00
1 Mnemonic Deluge $ 2.05
Artifacts (12)
1 Sol Ring $ 2.25
1 Wayfarer's Bauble $ 3.37
1 Arcane Signet $ 2.07
1 Fellwar Stone $ 5.45
1 Izzet Signet $ 0.62
1 Lightning Greaves $ 5.91
1 Talisman of Creativity $ 1.18
1 Thought Vessel $ 2.75
1 Chaos Wand $ 0.60
1 Commander's Sphere $ 0.25
1 Midnight Clock $ 0.98
1 Gilded Lotus $ 5.00
Enchantments (5)
1 Braid of Fire $ 10.67
1 Paradox Haze $ 9.09
1 Rhystic Study $ 42.05
1 Stolen Strategy $ 4.14
1 Mind's Dilation $ 9.23
Lands (37)
1 Command Tower $ 0.38
1 Desert of the Fervent $ 0.25
1 Desert of the Mindful $ 0.21
13 Island $ 0.00
11 Mountain $ 0.00
1 Myriad Landscape $ 0.30
1 Mystic Sanctuary $ 0.99
1 Reliquary Tower $ 2.00
1 Rogue's Passage $ 0.36
1 Scavenger Grounds $ 0.67
1 Shivan Reef $ 0.86
1 Steam Vents $ 12.98
1 Sulfur Falls $ 4.99
1 Training Center $ 7.99
1 War Room $ 5.00
100 Cards Total
1 Uvilda, Dean of Perfection 0.02 tix
Creatures (18)
1 Dire Fleet Daredevil 0.01 tix
1 Dockside Extortionist 15.72 tix
1 Thieving Skydiver 0.02 tix
1 Birgi, God of Storytelling 0.67 tix
1 Dualcaster Mage 0.77 tix
1 Jhoira of the Ghitu 0.01 tix
1 Laelia, the Blade Reforged 0.25 tix
1 God-Eternal Kefnet 0.51 tix
1 Mizzix of the Izmagnus 2.98 tix
1 Sakashima of a Thousand Faces 4.47 tix
1 Spark Double 0.39 tix
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner 0.01 tix
1 Dazzling Sphinx 0.05 tix
1 Wandering Archaic 0.23 tix
1 Etali, Primal Storm 0.02 tix
1 Guile 0.01 tix
1 Sage of the Beyond 0.50 tix
1 Sphinx of the Second Sun 5.83 tix
Spells (27)
1 Vandalblast 0.02 tix
1 Arcane Denial 0.06 tix
1 Counterspell 0.24 tix
1 Crackle with Power 2.00 tix
1 Epic Experiment 0.02 tix
1 Expressive Iteration 0.28 tix
1 Deflecting Swat 4.80 tix
1 Fierce Guardianship 10.96 tix
1 Jeska's Will 22.89 tix
1 Light Up the Stage 0.19 tix
1 Saw It Coming 0.01 tix
1 Theoretical Duplication 2.78 tix
1 Aetherize 0.02 tix
1 Ignite the Future 3.41 tix
1 Mystic Retrieval 0.02 tix
1 Throes of Chaos 0.02 tix
1 Creative Technique 0.25 tix
1 Mana Geyser 0.02 tix
1 Replication Technique 0.25 tix
1 Rousing Refrain 1.89 tix
1 Time Warp 0.71 tix
1 Inspiring Refrain 1.28 tix
1 Spelljack 0.23 tix
1 Alrund's Epiphany 6.17 tix
1 Aminatou's Augury 2.09 tix
1 Blasphemous Act 0.06 tix
1 Mnemonic Deluge 3.34 tix
Artifacts (12)
1 Sol Ring 4.49 tix
1 Wayfarer's Bauble 0.02 tix
1 Arcane Signet 0.10 tix
1 Fellwar Stone 0.29 tix
1 Izzet Signet 0.02 tix
1 Lightning Greaves 0.05 tix
1 Talisman of Creativity 0.02 tix
1 Thought Vessel 1.59 tix
1 Chaos Wand 0.02 tix
1 Commander's Sphere 0.10 tix
1 Midnight Clock 0.02 tix
1 Gilded Lotus 0.01 tix
Enchantments (5)
1 Braid of Fire 0.02 tix
1 Paradox Haze 0.02 tix
1 Rhystic Study 5.58 tix
1 Stolen Strategy 0.30 tix
1 Mind's Dilation 0.06 tix
Lands (37)
1 Command Tower 0.25 tix
1 Desert of the Fervent 0.02 tix
1 Desert of the Mindful 0.02 tix
13 Island 0.00 tix
11 Mountain 0.00 tix
1 Myriad Landscape 2.12 tix
1 Mystic Sanctuary 0.01 tix
1 Reliquary Tower 0.02 tix
1 Rogue's Passage 0.02 tix
1 Scavenger Grounds 0.37 tix
1 Shivan Reef 0.20 tix
1 Steam Vents 1.61 tix
1 Sulfur Falls 0.16 tix
1 Training Center 4.12 tix
1 War Room 5.08 tix
100 Cards Total
1 Uvilda, Dean of Perfection 1 Rare
Creatures (18)
1 Dire Fleet Daredevil 1 Rare
1 Dockside Extortionist 1 Rare
1 Thieving Skydiver 1 Rare
1 Birgi, God of Storytelling 1 Rare
1 Dualcaster Mage 1 Rare
1 Jhoira of the Ghitu 1 Rare
1 Laelia, the Blade Reforged 1 Rare
1 God-Eternal Kefnet 1 Mythic
1 Mizzix of the Izmagnus 1 Mythic
1 Sakashima of a Thousand Faces 1 Mythic
1 Spark Double 1 Rare
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner 1 Rare
1 Dazzling Sphinx 1 Rare
1 Wandering Archaic 1 Rare
1 Etali, Primal Storm 1 Rare
1 Guile 1 Rare
1 Sage of the Beyond 1 Rare
1 Sphinx of the Second Sun 1 Mythic
Spells (27)
1 Vandalblast 1 Special
1 Arcane Denial 1 Comm.
1 Counterspell 1 Comm.
1 Crackle with Power 1 Mythic
1 Epic Experiment 1 Mythic
1 Expressive Iteration 1 Unc.
1 Deflecting Swat 1 Rare
1 Fierce Guardianship 1 Rare
1 Jeska's Will 1 Rare
1 Light Up the Stage 1 Unc.
1 Saw It Coming 1 Unc.
1 Theoretical Duplication 1 Rare
1 Aetherize 1 Unc.
1 Ignite the Future 1 Rare
1 Mystic Retrieval 1 Unc.
1 Throes of Chaos 1 Unc.
1 Creative Technique 1 Rare
1 Mana Geyser 1 Comm.
1 Replication Technique 1 Rare
1 Rousing Refrain 1 Rare
1 Time Warp 1 Mythic
1 Inspiring Refrain 1 Rare
1 Spelljack 1 Rare
1 Alrund's Epiphany 1 Mythic
1 Aminatou's Augury 1 Rare
1 Blasphemous Act 1 Rare
1 Mnemonic Deluge 1 Mythic
Artifacts (12)
1 Sol Ring 1 Unc.
1 Wayfarer's Bauble 1 Comm.
1 Arcane Signet 1 Comm.
1 Fellwar Stone 1 Unc.
1 Izzet Signet 1 Comm.
1 Lightning Greaves 1 Unc.
1 Talisman of Creativity 1 Unc.
1 Thought Vessel 1 Unc.
1 Chaos Wand 1 Rare
1 Commander's Sphere 1 Comm.
1 Midnight Clock 1 Rare
1 Gilded Lotus 1 Rare
Enchantments (5)
1 Braid of Fire 1 Rare
1 Paradox Haze 1 Unc.
1 Rhystic Study 1 Comm.
1 Stolen Strategy 1 Rare
1 Mind's Dilation 1 Mythic
Lands (37)
1 Command Tower 1 Comm.
1 Desert of the Fervent 1 Comm.
1 Desert of the Mindful 1 Comm.
13 Island
11 Mountain
1 Myriad Landscape 1 Unc.
1 Mystic Sanctuary 1 Comm.
1 Reliquary Tower 1 Unc.
1 Rogue's Passage 1 Unc.
1 Scavenger Grounds 1 Rare
1 Shivan Reef 1 Rare
1 Steam Vents 1 Rare
1 Sulfur Falls 1 Rare
1 Training Center 1 Rare
1 War Room 1 Rare
100 Cards Total

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Card Breakdown

Below are the most popular cards played in this deck:


Etali, Primal Storm Etali, Primal Storm [C21]
Dire Fleet Daredevil Dire Fleet Daredevil [RIX]
Dualcaster Mage Dualcaster Mage [C21]
Thieving Skydiver Thieving Skydiver [ZNR]
Spark Double Spark Double [WAR]
Dockside Extortionist Dockside Extortionist [C19]
Talrand, Sky Summoner Talrand, Sky Summoner [C20]
Dazzling Sphinx Dazzling Sphinx [C21]
God-Eternal Kefnet God-Eternal Kefnet [WAR]
Sage of the Beyond Sage of the Beyond [KHC]
Goblin Electromancer Goblin Electromancer [DDS]
Jhoira of the Ghitu Jhoira of the Ghitu [TSR]
Laelia, the Blade Reforged Laelia, the Blade Reforged [C21]
Guile Guile [MM2]
Sphinx of the Second Sun Sphinx of the Second Sun [CMR]
Dreamscape Artist Dreamscape Artist [TSR]
Burnished Hart Burnished Hart [CMR]
Mizzix of the Izmagnus Mizzix of the Izmagnus [C15]
Oblivion Sower Oblivion Sower [DDP] (F)
Robber of the Rich Robber of the Rich [ELD]
Hullbreacher Hullbreacher [CMR]
Efreet Flamepainter Efreet Flamepainter [STX]
Galazeth Prismari Galazeth Prismari [STX] (F)
Storm-Kiln Artist Storm-Kiln Artist [STX]
Grenzo, Havoc Raiser Grenzo, Havoc Raiser [CN2]
Young Pyromancer Young Pyromancer [JMP]
Spectacle Mage Spectacle Mage [STX]
Clever Impersonator Clever Impersonator [C19]
Faerie Artisans Faerie Artisans [C16]
Maelstrom Muse Maelstrom Muse [STX]
Murmuring Mystic Murmuring Mystic [GRN]
Phyrexian Metamorph Phyrexian Metamorph [MB1]
Solemn Simulacrum Solemn Simulacrum [C21]
Tectonic Giant Tectonic Giant <planeswalker stamp> [PTHB]
Vizier of Many Faces Vizier of Many Faces [AKH]
Wall of Stolen Identity Wall of Stolen Identity [C19]
Impulsive Pilferer Impulsive Pilferer [CMR]
Baral, Chief of Compliance Baral, Chief of Compliance <timeshifted> [TSR]
Conspiracy Theorist Conspiracy Theorist <planeswalker stamp> [STX]
Iron Myr Iron Myr [SOM]
Krark, the Thumbless Krark, the Thumbless [CMR]
Runaway Steam-Kin Runaway Steam-Kin [GRN]
Thassa's Oracle Thassa's Oracle [THB]
Aegar, the Freezing Flame Aegar, the Freezing Flame <showcase> [KHM]
Bonecrusher Giant Bonecrusher Giant [ELD]
Drift of Phantasms Drift of Phantasms [PLIST]
Guttersnipe Guttersnipe [C19]
Imperial Recruiter Imperial Recruiter [2XM]
Loyal Drake Loyal Drake [C18]
Pilgrim's Eye Pilgrim's Eye [CMR]
Rootha, Mercurial Artist Rootha, Mercurial Artist [STX]
Skyscanner Skyscanner [M21]
Taurean Mauler Taurean Mauler [C16]
Thada Adel, Acquisitor Thada Adel, Acquisitor [WWK]
Amphin Mutineer Amphin Mutineer [CMR]
Anger Anger [UMA]
Archaeomancer Archaeomancer [DDM]
Archmage Emeritus Archmage Emeritus [STX]
Breeches, Brazen Plunderer Breeches, Brazen Plunderer [CMR]
Cosmos Charger Cosmos Charger [KHM]
Dack's Duplicate Dack's Duplicate [CNS]
Kheru Spellsnatcher Kheru Spellsnatcher [C19]
Leyline Tyrant Leyline Tyrant [ZNR]
Living Lore Living Lore [UMA]
Sakashima the Impostor Sakashima the Impostor [MB1]
Torbran, Thane of Red Fell Torbran, Thane of Red Fell [ELD]
Wildfire Devils Wildfire Devils [C19]
Wildfire Eternal Wildfire Eternal [HOU]
Galvanoth Galvanoth [MBS]
Mulldrifter Mulldrifter [KHC]
Omnispell Adept Omnispell Adept [GRN]
Oracle of Dust Oracle of Dust [BFZ]
Rionya, Fire Dancer Rionya, Fire Dancer [C21]
Shipwreck Dowser Shipwreck Dowser [M21]
Skarrgan Hellkite Skarrgan Hellkite [RNA]
Thryx, the Sudden Storm Thryx, the Sudden Storm [THB]
Archetype of Imagination Archetype of Imagination [BNG]
Combustible Gearhulk Combustible Gearhulk [C21]
Emissary of Grudges Emissary of Grudges [C18]
Magus of the Mind Magus of the Mind [C17]
Niv-Mizzet, Parun Niv-Mizzet, Parun [GRN]
Sakashima's Protege Sakashima's Protege [CMR]
Nezahal, Primal Tide Nezahal, Primal Tide <precon> [CMR]
Scholar of the Ages Scholar of the Ages [CMR]


Chandra, Fire Artisan Chandra, Fire Artisan [WAR]
Chandra, Torch of Defiance Chandra, Torch of Defiance [SS3]
Narset, Parter of Veils Narset, Parter of Veils [WAR]
Chandra, Pyromaster Chandra, Pyromaster [M15]
Jace, the Mind Sculptor Jace, the Mind Sculptor [2XM]
Koth of the Hammer Koth of the Hammer [DDI] (F)
Chandra, Heart of Fire Chandra, Heart of Fire [M21]
Ral, Izzet Viceroy Ral, Izzet Viceroy [GRN]
Ral, Caller of Storms Ral, Caller of Storms [GRN] (F)


Blasphemous Act Blasphemous Act [C21]
Mana Geyser Mana Geyser [C21]
Vandalblast Vandalblast <timeshifted> [TSR]
Counterspell Counterspell [6ED]
Epic Experiment Epic Experiment [C21]
Jeska's Will Jeska's Will [CMR]
Ignite the Future Ignite the Future [C19]
Spelljack Spelljack [JUD]
Aminatou's Augury Aminatou's Augury [C18]
Mnemonic Deluge Mnemonic Deluge [CMR]
Aetherize Aetherize [ZNC]
Expressive Iteration Expressive Iteration [STX]
Chaos Warp Chaos Warp [C19]
Fierce Guardianship Fierce Guardianship [C20]
Light Up the Stage Light Up the Stage [PLIST]
Saw It Coming Saw It Coming [KHM]
Mizzix's Mastery Mizzix's Mastery [STA]
Creative Technique Creative Technique [C21]
Rousing Refrain Rousing Refrain [C21]
Spelltwine Spelltwine [DDM]
Arcane Denial Arcane Denial <A> [ALL]
Crackle with Power Crackle with Power <planeswalker stamp> [STX]
Deflecting Swat Deflecting Swat [C20]
Throes of Chaos Throes of Chaos [MH1]
Time Warp Time Warp [STA]
Brass's Bounty Brass's Bounty [C21]
Swan Song Swan Song [THS]
Cyclonic Rift Cyclonic Rift [C14]
Reality Shift Reality Shift [C19]
Seething Song Seething Song [C21]
Theoretical Duplication Theoretical Duplication [C21]
Mystic Retrieval Mystic Retrieval [C19]
Inspiring Refrain Inspiring Refrain [C21]
Alrund's Epiphany Alrund's Epiphany [KHM]
Faithless Looting Faithless Looting [C21]
Pongify Pongify [TSR]
Rapid Hybridization Rapid Hybridization [C21]
Commune with Lava Commune with Lava [C20]
Ravenform Ravenform [KHM]
Reinterpret Reinterpret <extended> [C21]
Rite of Replication Rite of Replication [C21]
Replication Technique Replication Technique [C21]
Mind's Desire Mind's Desire [C21]
Dig Through Time Dig Through Time [C21]
Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt [M11]
Multiple Choice Multiple Choice [STX]
Opt Opt [M21]
Mystic Reflection Mystic Reflection [KHM]
Narset's Reversal Narset's Reversal [WAR]
Negate Negate [ZNR]
Resculpt Resculpt [STX]
Reverberate Reverberate [M12]
Teach by Example Teach by Example [STX]
Thrill of Possibility Thrill of Possibility [M21]
Behold the Multiverse Behold the Multiverse [KHM]
Experimental Overload Experimental Overload [M21]
Fact or Fiction Fact or Fiction [ZNC]
Past in Flames Past in Flames [SS3]
Wild Ricochet Wild Ricochet <precon> [CMR]
Bribery Bribery [8ED]
Devastation Tide Devastation Tide [C18]
Sublime Epiphany Sublime Epiphany [M21] (F)
Walk the Aeons Walk the Aeons [TSR]
Volcanic Vision Volcanic Vision [DTK]
Banefire Banefire [M19]
Abrade Abrade <precon> [CMR]
Comet Storm Comet Storm <precon> [CMR]
Culmination of Studies Culmination of Studies [STX]
Curse of the Swine Curse of the Swine [C21]
Desperate Ritual Desperate Ritual [CHK]
Dual Strike Dual Strike [KHM]
Finale of Revelation Finale of Revelation [WAR]
Increasing Vengeance Increasing Vengeance [C19]
Mana Drain Mana Drain [CMR]
Mizzium Mortars Mizzium Mortars [RTR]
Psychic Theft Psychic Theft [PR]
Pull from Tomorrow Pull from Tomorrow [AKH]
Pyretic Ritual Pyretic Ritual [M11]
Thassa's Intervention Thassa's Intervention [THB]
Blue Sun's Zenith Blue Sun's Zenith [STA]
Supreme Will Supreme Will [CMR]
Wheel of Misfortune Wheel of Misfortune [CMR]
Windfall Windfall [KHC]
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction [C21]
Insidious Will Insidious Will [KLD]
Rewind Rewind [M21]
Mystic Confluence Mystic Confluence <timeshifted> [TSR]
Practical Research Practical Research [STX]
Spell Swindle Spell Swindle [XLN]
Volcanic Torrent Volcanic Torrent [CMR]
Flood of Tears Flood of Tears <planeswalker stamp> [M20]
Recurring Insight Recurring Insight [ROE]
Saheeli's Artistry Saheeli's Artistry [KLD]
Supplant Form Supplant Form [FRF]
Overflowing Insight Overflowing Insight [XLN]
Treasure Cruise Treasure Cruise [KTK]
Expropriate Expropriate [CN2]
Brainstorm Brainstorm [C21]
Gamble Gamble [UMA]
Mystical Tutor Mystical Tutor [SS1]
Ponder Ponder [C21]
Preordain Preordain [CMR]
Pyroblast Pyroblast [ICE]
Red Elemental Blast Red Elemental Blast [3ED]
Serum Visions Serum Visions [C21]
Shock Shock [M14]
Spark of Creativity Spark of Creativity [KLD]
Stubborn Denial Stubborn Denial [KTK]
Thought Scour Thought Scour [DKA]
Anticipate Anticipate [BFZ]
Blink of an Eye Blink of an Eye [DOM]
Delay Delay [TSR]
Electrodominance Electrodominance <planeswalker stamp> [PELD]
Finale of Promise Finale of Promise [WAR]
Fists of Flame Fists of Flame [MH1]
Fork Fork [3ED]
Grapeshot Grapeshot [TSR]
Into the Roil Into the Roil [ZNR]
Izzet Charm Izzet Charm [2XM]
Jaya's Immolating Inferno Jaya's Immolating Inferno <precon> [CMR]
Mind Spring Mind Spring [C20]
Mission Briefing Mission Briefing <planeswalker stamp> [PTHB]
Psychic Rebuttal Psychic Rebuttal [ORI]
Run Away Together Run Away Together [ELD]
Strategic Planning Strategic Planning [KHM]
Tormenting Voice Tormenting Voice [IMA]
Twincast Twincast [M10]
Fight with Fire Fight with Fire [DOM]
Force of Negation Force of Negation [MH1]
Frantic Search Frantic Search [MB1]
Heat Shimmer Heat Shimmer [2XM] (F)
Ingenious Mastery Ingenious Mastery [STX]
Invade the City Invade the City [WAR]
Leadership Vacuum Leadership Vacuum [C19]
Mentor's Guidance Mentor's Guidance [STX]
Prismari Command Prismari Command [STX]
Reiterate Reiterate [TSR]
Solve the Equation Solve the Equation [STX]
Staggershock Staggershock [ROE]
Unwind Unwind [DOM]
Whirlwind Denial Whirlwind Denial [STA]
Bolt Bend Bolt Bend [WAR]
Chemister's Insight Chemister's Insight [C19]
Domineering Will Domineering Will [C14]
Draconic Intervention Draconic Intervention [STX]
Drawn from Dreams Drawn from Dreams [M20]
Fury Storm Fury Storm [C18]
Imaginary Threats Imaginary Threats [HOU]
Inscription of Insight Inscription of Insight [ZNR]
Pirate's Pillage Pirate's Pillage [RIX]
Plea for Power Plea for Power [CNS]
Polymorph Polymorph [9ED]
Rain of Revelation Rain of Revelation [MH1]
Reins of Power Reins of Power [C15]
Repeated Reverberation Repeated Reverberation [M20]
Sleep Sleep [M10]
Stolen Goods Stolen Goods [AVR]
Surreal Memoir Surreal Memoir [C20]
Talent of the Telepath Talent of the Telepath [ORI]
Tales of the Ancestors Tales of the Ancestors [KHC]
Tezzeret's Gambit Tezzeret's Gambit [C19]
Turnabout Turnabout [UZ]
Aether Gale Aether Gale [C21]
Aetherspouts Aetherspouts [C21]
Confirm Suspicions Confirm Suspicions [SOI]
Desertion Desertion [CN2]
Elemental Summoning Elemental Summoning [STX]
Fierce Invocation Fierce Invocation [FRF]
Forceful Denial Forceful Denial [CMR]
Hypothesizzle Hypothesizzle [GRN]
Temporal Manipulation Temporal Manipulation [PLIST]
Word of Seizing Word of Seizing <precon> [CMR]
World at War World at War [ROE]
Commence the Endgame Commence the Endgame [WAR]
Echo of Eons Echo of Eons [MH1]
Immolating Gyre Immolating Gyre [JMP]
Interpret the Signs Interpret the Signs [CMR]
Karn's Temporal Sundering Karn's Temporal Sundering [DOM]
Mob Rule Mob Rule [FRF]
Opportunity Opportunity [BBD]
Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune [5DN]
River's Rebuke River's Rebuke [XLN]
Spectral Deluge Spectral Deluge [KHC]
Stolen Identity Stolen Identity [ZNC]
Surge to Victory Surge to Victory <extended> [C21]
All Is Dust All Is Dust [UMA]
Elemental Masterpiece Elemental Masterpiece [STX]
Expansion // Explosion Expansion // Explosion [GRN]
Knowledge Exploitation Knowledge Exploitation [MOR]
Mascot Exhibition Mascot Exhibition [STX]
Nexus of Fate Nexus of Fate [PRM-BAB] (F)
Scour from Existence Scour from Existence [BFZ]
Star of Extinction Star of Extinction [XLN]
Beacon of Tomorrows Beacon of Tomorrows [DDS]
Insurrection Insurrection [CMD]
Magma Opus Magma Opus <planeswalker stamp> [STX]
Clone Legion Clone Legion [C17]
Soulfire Eruption Soulfire Eruption [CMR]
Apex of Power Apex of Power [C21]
Enter the Infinite Enter the Infinite [GTC]


Arcane Signet Arcane Signet [C21]
Izzet Signet Izzet Signet [C21]
Talisman of Creativity Talisman of Creativity [C21]
Sol Ring Sol Ring [C21]
Lightning Greaves Lightning Greaves [2XM]
Wayfarer's Bauble Wayfarer's Bauble [PLIST]
Chaos Wand Chaos Wand [M19]
Fellwar Stone Fellwar Stone [4ED]
Gilded Lotus Gilded Lotus [DOM]
Mind Stone Mind Stone [C21]
Thought Vessel Thought Vessel [CMR]
Commander's Sphere Commander's Sphere [CMR]
Fire Diamond Fire Diamond [CMR]
Swiftfoot Boots Swiftfoot Boots <precon> [CMR]
Midnight Clock Midnight Clock [ELD]
Pyromancer's Goggles Pyromancer's Goggles [C21]
Strionic Resonator Strionic Resonator [C19]
Thousand-Year Elixir Thousand-Year Elixir [C21]
Worn Powerstone Worn Powerstone [PLIST]
Sky Diamond Sky Diamond [CMR]
Jeweled Lotus Jeweled Lotus [CMR]
Prismatic Lens Prismatic Lens [TSR]
Cursed Mirror Cursed Mirror [C21]
Mirage Mirror Mirage Mirror [HOU]
Hedron Archive Hedron Archive [C21]
Muse Vessel Muse Vessel [DIS]
Oracle's Vault Oracle's Vault [AKH]
Thran Dynamo Thran Dynamo [MB1]
Knowledge Pool Knowledge Pool [PLIST]
Omen Machine Omen Machine [NPH]
Everflowing Chalice Everflowing Chalice [2XM]
Lotus Bloom Lotus Bloom [TSR]
Mana Crypt Mana Crypt [2XM]
Mana Vault Mana Vault [4ED]
Sensei's Divining Top Sensei's Divining Top [CHK]
Coldsteel Heart Coldsteel Heart [C15]
Illusionist's Bracers Illusionist's Bracers [GTC]
Magewright's Stone Magewright's Stone [FMB1] (F)
Spell Satchel Spell Satchel [STX]
Battlemage's Bracers Battlemage's Bracers [C21]
Chromatic Lantern Chromatic Lantern [GRN]
Coalition Relic Coalition Relic [TSR]
Dynavolt Tower Dynavolt Tower [KLD]
Elementalist's Palette Elementalist's Palette <extended> [C21]
Letter of Acceptance Letter of Acceptance [STX]
Mimic Vat Mimic Vat [C20]
Portal of Sanctuary Portal of Sanctuary [M20]
Replicating Ring Replicating Ring [KHM]
Staff of the Flame Magus Staff of the Flame Magus [M14]
Unstable Obelisk Unstable Obelisk [C21]
Firemind Vessel Firemind Vessel [WAR]
Helm of the Host Helm of the Host [DOM]
Ice Cauldron Ice Cauldron [ICE]
Lithoform Engine Lithoform Engine [ZNR]
Uba Mask Uba Mask [CHK]
Ornate Kanzashi Ornate Kanzashi [BOK]
Caged Sun Caged Sun [CM2]


Stolen Strategy Stolen Strategy [BBD]
Mind's Dilation Mind's Dilation [EMN]
Paradox Haze Paradox Haze [FMB1] (F)
Braid of Fire Braid of Fire [FMB1] (F)
Rhystic Study Rhystic Study [MB1]
Metallurgic Summonings Metallurgic Summonings [C21]
Outpost Siege Outpost Siege [C20]
Furious Rise Furious Rise [M21]
Double Vision Double Vision [M21]
Sunbird's Invocation Sunbird's Invocation [C21]
Swarm Intelligence Swarm Intelligence [C20]
Freed from the Real Freed from the Real [SOK]
Valakut Exploration Valakut Exploration <showcase> [ZNR]
Jace's Sanctum Jace's Sanctum [C19]
Mystic Remora Mystic Remora [ICE]
Firemind's Research Firemind's Research [GRN]
Mirror Mockery Mirror Mockery [DTK]
Underworld Breach Underworld Breach [THB]
Fervor Fervor [M13]
Pemmin's Aura Pemmin's Aura [SCG]
Planeswalker's Mischief Planeswalker's Mischief [PS]
Trail of Evidence Trail of Evidence [MB1]
Elkin Lair Elkin Lair [VI]
Arcane Melee Arcane Melee [AVR]
Battle of Frost and Fire Battle of Frost and Fire [KHM]
Possibility Storm Possibility Storm [DGM]
Shared Fate Shared Fate [MRD]
Shark Typhoon Shark Typhoon [IKO]


Mountain Mountain <253> [THB]
Island Island <251> [THB]
Command Tower Command Tower [CMR]
Mystic Sanctuary Mystic Sanctuary [ELD]
Shivan Reef Shivan Reef [C21]
Myriad Landscape Myriad Landscape [KHC]
Steam Vents Steam Vents [GRN]
Sulfur Falls Sulfur Falls [DOM]
Reliquary Tower Reliquary Tower [C21]
Training Center Training Center [CMR]
Rogue's Passage Rogue's Passage [C21]
Scavenger Grounds Scavenger Grounds [C21]
War Room War Room [CMR]