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orvar, the duplicator by Anonymous

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$ 120.00
18.19 tix
7 Mythic, 26 Rare, 8 Uncommon, 25 Common

Format: Commander
Deck Date: Nov 30, 2023

1 Orvar, the All-Form $ 5.00
Creatures (17)
1 Augur of Bolas $ 0.25
1 Wavebreak Hippocamp $ 0.70
1 Archaeomancer $ 0.29
1 Archmage Emeritus $ 3.70
1 Master of Waves $ 1.00
1 Micromancer $ 0.15
1 Ojer Pakpatiq, Deepest Epoch $ 3.49
1 Solemn Simulacrum $ 0.77
1 Spark Double $ 5.95
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner $ 0.40
1 Lier, Disciple of the Drowned $ 4.19
1 Peregrine Drake $ 0.25
1 Precursor Golem $ 0.25
1 Torrential Gearhulk $ 0.80
1 Agent of Treachery $ 5.29
1 Hullbreaker Horror $ 2.14
1 Scourge of Fleets $ 0.47
Spells (36)
1 Aquitect's Will $ 0.40
1 Artful Dodge $ 0.31
1 Cerulean Wisps $ 0.97
1 Chain of Vapor $ 7.99
1 Chilling Trap $ 0.15
1 Cloak of Feathers $ 0.70
1 Dream's Grip $ 0.49
1 Energy Tap $ 0.27
1 Gigadrowse $ 0.35
1 High Tide $ 0.44
1 Leap $ 0.78
1 March of Swirling Mist $ 2.05
1 Mind Bend $ 0.50
1 Moonlace $ 0.43
1 Shadow Rift $ 2.10
1 Stream of Unconsciousness $ 0.25
1 Thermal Flux $ 0.48
1 Trait Doctoring $ 0.40
1 Twiddle $ 0.30
1 Alter Reality $ 1.21
1 Counterspell $ 0.75
1 Glamerdye $ 2.96
1 Jinx $ 0.30
1 Merchant Scroll $ 4.10
1 Reality Shift $ 0.40
1 Resculpt $ 0.25
1 Shimmering Mirage $ 0.32
1 Ghostly Flicker $ 0.30
1 Mirage Mockery $ 0.49
1 Quasiduplicate $ 1.20
1 Twitch $ 0.20
1 Foil $ 0.45
1 Irenicus's Vile Duplication $ 3.06
1 Rite of Replication $ 4.06
1 Stolen Identity $ 0.31
1 Sublime Epiphany $ 2.42
Artifacts (7)
1 Sol Ring $ 1.40
1 Arcane Signet $ 0.65
1 Idol of Oblivion $ 0.77
1 Isochron Scepter $ 11.42
1 Panharmonicon $ 5.47
1 Gilded Lotus $ 1.40
1 Caged Sun $ 2.15
Enchantments (3)
1 Vesuvan Duplimancy $ 2.08
1 The Mirari Conjecture $ 0.44
1 Virtue of Knowledge $ 4.79
Lands (36)
34 Island $ 0.00
1 Mystic Sanctuary $ 1.20
1 Swarmyard $ 11.00
100 Cards Total
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  18 tix
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  $ 1 / wk
1 Orvar, the All-Form 1.65 tix
Creatures (17)
1 Augur of Bolas 0.03 tix
1 Wavebreak Hippocamp 0.02 tix
1 Archaeomancer 0.02 tix
1 Archmage Emeritus 0.03 tix
1 Master of Waves 0.02 tix
1 Micromancer 0.02 tix
1 Ojer Pakpatiq, Deepest Epoch 0.14 tix
1 Solemn Simulacrum 0.02 tix
1 Spark Double 0.49 tix
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner 0.02 tix
1 Lier, Disciple of the Drowned 0.26 tix
1 Peregrine Drake 0.04 tix
1 Precursor Golem 0.02 tix
1 Torrential Gearhulk 0.40 tix
1 Agent of Treachery 0.03 tix
1 Hullbreaker Horror 0.75 tix
1 Scourge of Fleets 0.02 tix
Spells (36)
1 Aquitect's Will 0.03 tix
1 Artful Dodge 0.03 tix
1 Cerulean Wisps 0.03 tix
1 Chain of Vapor 0.05 tix
1 Chilling Trap 0.03 tix
1 Cloak of Feathers
1 Dream's Grip 0.03 tix
1 Energy Tap 0.72 tix
1 Gigadrowse 0.02 tix
1 High Tide 0.03 tix
1 Leap 0.04 tix
1 March of Swirling Mist 0.06 tix
1 Mind Bend 0.02 tix
1 Moonlace 0.02 tix
1 Shadow Rift 0.04 tix
1 Stream of Unconsciousness 0.02 tix
1 Thermal Flux 0.03 tix
1 Trait Doctoring 0.02 tix
1 Twiddle 0.03 tix
1 Alter Reality 0.03 tix
1 Counterspell 0.05 tix
1 Glamerdye 0.02 tix
1 Jinx
1 Merchant Scroll 0.65 tix
1 Reality Shift 0.03 tix
1 Resculpt 0.03 tix
1 Shimmering Mirage 0.04 tix
1 Ghostly Flicker 0.03 tix
1 Mirage Mockery 1.08 tix
1 Quasiduplicate 0.02 tix
1 Twitch 0.01 tix
1 Foil 0.70 tix
1 Irenicus's Vile Duplication 6.60 tix
1 Rite of Replication 0.02 tix
1 Stolen Identity 0.02 tix
1 Sublime Epiphany 0.02 tix
Artifacts (7)
1 Sol Ring 0.34 tix
1 Arcane Signet 1.48 tix
1 Idol of Oblivion 1.06 tix
1 Isochron Scepter 0.03 tix
1 Panharmonicon 0.02 tix
1 Gilded Lotus 0.02 tix
1 Caged Sun 0.02 tix
Enchantments (3)
1 Vesuvan Duplimancy 0.47 tix
1 The Mirari Conjecture 0.02 tix
1 Virtue of Knowledge 0.10 tix
Lands (36)
34 Island 0.00 tix
1 Mystic Sanctuary 0.03 tix
1 Swarmyard 0.02 tix
100 Cards Total
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  18 tix
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  $ 1 / wk
1 Orvar, the All-Form 1 Mythic
Creatures (17)
1 Augur of Bolas 1 Unc.
1 Wavebreak Hippocamp 1 Rare
1 Archaeomancer 1 Comm.
1 Archmage Emeritus 1 Rare
1 Master of Waves 1 Mythic
1 Micromancer 1 Unc.
1 Ojer Pakpatiq, Deepest Epoch 1 Mythic
1 Solemn Simulacrum 1 Rare
1 Spark Double 1 Rare
1 Talrand, Sky Summoner 1 Rare
1 Lier, Disciple of the Drowned 1 Mythic
1 Peregrine Drake 1 Comm.
1 Precursor Golem 1 Rare
1 Torrential Gearhulk 1 Rare
1 Agent of Treachery 1 Rare
1 Hullbreaker Horror 1 Rare
1 Scourge of Fleets 1 Rare
Spells (36)
1 Aquitect's Will 1 Comm.
1 Artful Dodge 1 Comm.
1 Cerulean Wisps 1 Comm.
1 Chain of Vapor 1 Unc.
1 Chilling Trap 1 Comm.
1 Cloak of Feathers 1 Comm.
1 Dream's Grip 1 Comm.
1 Energy Tap 1 Comm.
1 Gigadrowse 1 Comm.
1 High Tide 1 Unc.
1 Leap 1 Comm.
1 March of Swirling Mist 1 Rare
1 Mind Bend 1 Rare
1 Moonlace 1 Rare
1 Shadow Rift 1 Comm.
1 Stream of Unconsciousness 1 Comm.
1 Thermal Flux 1 Comm.
1 Trait Doctoring 1 Rare
1 Twiddle 1 Comm.
1 Alter Reality 1 Rare
1 Counterspell 1 Comm.
1 Glamerdye 1 Rare
1 Jinx 1 Comm.
1 Merchant Scroll 1 Comm.
1 Reality Shift 1 Unc.
1 Resculpt 1 Comm.
1 Shimmering Mirage 1 Comm.
1 Ghostly Flicker 1 Comm.
1 Mirage Mockery 1 Rare
1 Quasiduplicate 1 Rare
1 Twitch 1 Comm.
1 Foil 1 Comm.
1 Irenicus's Vile Duplication 1 Unc.
1 Rite of Replication 1 Rare
1 Stolen Identity 1 Rare
1 Sublime Epiphany 1 Rare
Artifacts (7)
1 Sol Ring 1 Unc.
1 Arcane Signet 1 Comm.
1 Idol of Oblivion 1 Rare
1 Isochron Scepter 1 Unc.
1 Panharmonicon 1 Rare
1 Gilded Lotus 1 Rare
1 Caged Sun 1 Mythic
Enchantments (3)
1 Vesuvan Duplimancy 1 Mythic
1 The Mirari Conjecture 1 Rare
1 Virtue of Knowledge 1 Mythic
Lands (36)
34 Island
1 Mystic Sanctuary 1 Comm.
1 Swarmyard 1 Rare
100 Cards Total
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  18 tix
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  $ 1 / wk

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Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...

Calculating the deck price based on your collection ...


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Card Types


Sample Hand

Card Breakdown

Below are the most popular cards played in this deck:


Orvar, the All-Form Orvar, the All-Form <showcase> [KHM]
Archmage Emeritus Archmage Emeritus [STX]
Solemn Simulacrum Solemn Simulacrum [WHO]
Archaeomancer Archaeomancer [M13]
Peregrine Drake Peregrine Drake <retro> [DMR]
Wavebreak Hippocamp Wavebreak Hippocamp [THB]
Mulldrifter Mulldrifter [KHC]
Hullbreaker Horror Hullbreaker Horror [WOC]
Aether Channeler Aether Channeler [DMU]
Master of Waves Master of Waves [DDT] (F)
Spark Double Spark Double [CMM]
Venser, Shaper Savant Venser, Shaper Savant [2X2]
Precursor Golem Precursor Golem <retro> [BRR]
Shipwreck Dowser Shipwreck Dowser [CMM]
Cloud of Faeries Cloud of Faeries [MOC]
Spellseeker Spellseeker [CMM]
Talrand, Sky Summoner Talrand, Sky Summoner [JMP]
Micromancer Micromancer [DMU]
Agent of Treachery Agent of Treachery [M20]
Scholar of the Ages Scholar of the Ages [CMR]
Scourge of Fleets Scourge of Fleets <precon> [CMR]
Silver Myr Silver Myr [NEC]
Thassa's Oracle Thassa's Oracle [THB]
Amphin Mutineer Amphin Mutineer [LCC]
Murmuring Mystic Murmuring Mystic [CMM]
Phyrexian Metamorph Phyrexian Metamorph [MB1]
Mind Flayer Mind Flayer [CLB]
Meteor Golem Meteor Golem [AFC]
Augur of Bolas Augur of Bolas [M13]
Faerie Mastermind Faerie Mastermind [MOM]
Spellstutter Sprite Spellstutter Sprite [PLIST]
Stormchaser Drake Stormchaser Drake [VOW]
Cloudkin Seer Cloudkin Seer [M20]
Gale, Waterdeep Prodigy Gale, Waterdeep Prodigy <showcase> [CLB]
Sea Gate Oracle Sea Gate Oracle [GN3]
Naru Meha, Master Wizard Naru Meha, Master Wizard [C21]
Overcharged Amalgam Overcharged Amalgam [CLB]
Roaming Throne Roaming Throne <borderless> [LCI]
Sower of Temptation Sower of Temptation [WOC]
Mnemonic Wall Mnemonic Wall [IMA]
Salvager of Secrets Salvager of Secrets [M19]
Consecrated Sphinx Consecrated Sphinx [2X2] (F)
Draining Whelk Draining Whelk [TSR]
Spawning Kraken Spawning Kraken [C21]
Junk Winder Junk Winder [MH2]
Stormtide Leviathan Stormtide Leviathan [M15]
Deep-Sea Kraken Deep-Sea Kraken [TSP]
Artisan of Forms Artisan of Forms [THS]
Baral, Chief of Compliance Baral, Chief of Compliance [MUL]
Corridor Monitor Corridor Monitor [2XM]
Ghostly Pilferer Ghostly Pilferer [NCC]
Gilded Drake Gilded Drake [UZ]
Naban, Dean of Iteration Naban, Dean of Iteration [DOM]
Ornithopter of Paradise Ornithopter of Paradise <retro> [MH2]
Plague Myr Plague Myr [ONC]
Spellskite Spellskite [CLB]
The Reality Chip The Reality Chip [NEO]
Vedalken Aethermage Vedalken Aethermage [FUT]
Burnished Hart Burnished Hart [CLB]
Chrome Host Seedshark Chrome Host Seedshark [MOM]
Palladium Myr Palladium Myr [M21]
Tempest Djinn Tempest Djinn [PLIST]
Tishana's Tidebinder Tishana's Tidebinder <borderless> [LCI]
Tome Raider Tome Raider [ELD]
Treasure Mage Treasure Mage [2XM]
Tribute Mage Tribute Mage [MH1]
Trinket Mage Trinket Mage [DDU]
Trophy Mage Trophy Mage [AER]
Displacer Kitten Displacer Kitten [CLB]
Iymrith, Desert Doom Iymrith, Desert Doom [AFR]
Sludge Monster Sludge Monster [CLB]
Specimen Collector Specimen Collector [MH2]
Clara Oswald Clara Oswald [WHO]
Deadeye Navigator Deadeye Navigator [AVR]
Duplicant Duplicant [MOC]
Horned Loch-Whale Horned Loch-Whale [WOE]
Keiga, the Tide Star Keiga, the Tide Star [CLB]
Serpent of Yawning Depths Serpent of Yawning Depths [THB]
Shipbreaker Kraken Shipbreaker Kraken <precon> [CMR]
Tomb of Horrors Adventurer Tomb of Horrors Adventurer [CLB]
Torrential Gearhulk Torrential Gearhulk [CMM]
Diluvian Primordial Diluvian Primordial [SCD]
Scholar of the Lost Trove Scholar of the Lost Trove [JMP]
Thought Monitor Thought Monitor <showcase> [MH2]
Ancient Silver Dragon Ancient Silver Dragon <showcase> [CLB]
Tidespout Tyrant Tidespout Tyrant [BBD]
Hulking Metamorph Hulking Metamorph [BRO]
Inkwell Leviathan Inkwell Leviathan [DDO]


Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Jace, Wielder of Mysteries <planeswalker stamp> [PELD]
Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim Teferi, Temporal Pilgrim <borderless> [BRO]


Twiddle Twiddle [4ED]
Dream's Grip Dream's Grip [MRD]
Thermal Flux Thermal Flux [CSP]
Ghostly Flicker Ghostly Flicker [CMM]
Hidden Strings Hidden Strings [DGM]
Shimmering Mirage Shimmering Mirage [AP]
Cerulean Wisps Cerulean Wisps [SHM]
Mind Games Mind Games [ST]
Trait Doctoring Trait Doctoring [DGM]
Counterspell Counterspell <retro> [DMR]
Aquitect's Will Aquitect's Will [LRW]
High Tide High Tide [DMR]
Leap Leap [ST]
Twitch Twitch [WWK]
Gigadrowse Gigadrowse [GPT]
Shadow Rift Shadow Rift [TE]
Essence Flux Essence Flux [SOI]
Twisted Image Twisted Image [A25]
Cyclonic Rift Cyclonic Rift [CMM]
Enervate Enervate [5ED]
Clockspinning Clockspinning [WHO]
Pongify Pongify [C14]
Slip Through Space Slip Through Space [OGW]
Swan Song Swan Song [THS]
Jinx Jinx [HML]
Energy Tap Energy Tap [4ED]
Fleeting Distraction Fleeting Distraction [J22]
Moonlace Moonlace [PLIST]
Whim of Volrath Whim of Volrath [TE]
Arcane Denial Arcane Denial <B> [ALL]
Dramatic Reversal Dramatic Reversal [KLD]
Snap Snap [WOC]
Teferi's Time Twist Teferi's Time Twist [WAR]
Irenicus's Vile Duplication Irenicus's Vile Duplication [CLB]
Stolen Identity Stolen Identity [NCC]
Artful Dodge Artful Dodge [DKA]
Chilling Trap Chilling Trap [J22]
Cloak of Feathers Cloak of Feathers [POR]
Dispel Dispel [BFZ]
Glamerdye Glamerdye [EVE]
Muddle the Mixture Muddle the Mixture [RAV]
Negate Negate [BBD]
Reality Shift Reality Shift [CMM]
Resculpt Resculpt [CMM]
Jolt Jolt [MI]
An Offer You Can't Refuse An Offer You Can't Refuse [SNC]
Distortion Strike Distortion Strike [IMA]
Ponder Ponder [WHO]
Stream of Unconsciousness Stream of Unconsciousness [MOR]
Alter Reality Alter Reality [TOR]
Mana Drain Mana Drain [CMR]
Merchant Scroll Merchant Scroll [HML]
Refocus Refocus [FRF]
Capsize Capsize [TE]
Infuse Infuse [ICE]
Quasiduplicate Quasiduplicate [GRN]
Windfall Windfall [LCC]
Rite of Replication Rite of Replication [C14]
Sublime Epiphany Sublime Epiphany [M21]
Brainstorm Brainstorm [C21]
Chain of Vapor Chain of Vapor [ONS]
Dive Down Dive Down [XLN]
Dizzy Spell Dizzy Spell [RAV]
Gitaxian Probe Gitaxian Probe [NPH]
Maximize Altitude Maximize Altitude [GRN]
Mind Bend Mind Bend [8ED]
Mizzium Skin Mizzium Skin [RTR]
Mystical Tutor Mystical Tutor <retro> [DMR]
Preordain Preordain [WHO]
Rapid Hybridization Rapid Hybridization [LCC]
Shore Up Shore Up [DMU]
Hithlain Knots Hithlain Knots [LTR]
Planar Incision Planar Incision [NEO]
Run Away Together Run Away Together [CLB]
Argent Mutation Argent Mutation [NPH]
Solve the Equation Solve the Equation [STX]
See Double See Double [MOM]
Wash Out Wash Out [2X2]
Whelming Wave Whelming Wave [BNG]
Lorien Revealed Lorien Revealed [LTR]
Step Through Step Through <retro> [MH2]
Temporal Mastery Temporal Mastery [MB1]
Pact of Negation Pact of Negation [TSR]
Artificial Evolution Artificial Evolution [ONS]
Clutch of Currents Clutch of Currents [BFZ]
Flusterstorm Flusterstorm [IMA]
March of Swirling Mist March of Swirling Mist <extended> [NEO]
Prismatic Lace Prismatic Lace [MI]
Rescue Rescue [DOM]
Slip Out the Back Slip Out the Back [SNC]
Suspend Suspend [MH2]
Blue Sun's Twilight Blue Sun's Twilight <extended> [ONE]
Boomerang Boomerang [CHR]
Braingeyser Braingeyser [3ED]
Curse of the Swine Curse of the Swine [LCC]
Essence Capture Essence Capture [NEO]
Mystic Reflection Mystic Reflection [KHM]
Open into Wonder Open into Wonder [AKH]
Peel from Reality Peel from Reality [M15]
Psychic Puppetry Psychic Puppetry [CHK]
Pull from Tomorrow Pull from Tomorrow [MOC]
Quickchange Quickchange [RAV]
Spectral Shift Spectral Shift [5DN]
Updraft Updraft [5ED]
Aether Tradewinds Aether Tradewinds [KLD]
Bane's Contingency Bane's Contingency [CLB]
Blue Sun's Zenith Blue Sun's Zenith [C13]
Blur Blur [CLB]
Cackling Counterpart Cackling Counterpart [ISD]
Crystal Spray Crystal Spray [IN]
Displace Displace [EMN]
Fierce Guardianship Fierce Guardianship [CMM]
Force of Negation Force of Negation [MH1]
Mirage Mockery Mirage Mockery <extended> [ONC] (F)
Whir of Invention Whir of Invention [AER]
Cryptic Command Cryptic Command [MMA]
Foil Foil [MB1]
Memory Deluge Memory Deluge [MID]
Polymorph Polymorph [M10]
Sakashima's Will Sakashima's Will [CMR]
Devastation Tide Devastation Tide [LTC]
Evacuation Evacuation [LCC]
Force of Will Force of Will [DMR]
Mystic Confluence Mystic Confluence [LTC]
Quantum Misalignment Quantum Misalignment [WHO]
Commandeer Commandeer [CMM]
Treasure Cruise Treasure Cruise [KTK]


Sol Ring Sol Ring [SCD]
Arcane Signet Arcane Signet [WHO]
Mind Stone Mind Stone <retro> [DMR]
Isochron Scepter Isochron Scepter [DDJ]
Sapphire Medallion Sapphire Medallion [CMM]
Thought Vessel Thought Vessel [WHO]
Idol of Oblivion Idol of Oblivion [SCD]
Gilded Lotus Gilded Lotus [CMM]
Fellwar Stone Fellwar Stone [CMM]
Swiftfoot Boots Swiftfoot Boots [LCC]
Midnight Clock Midnight Clock [CLB]
Mirror Box Mirror Box [NEO]
Helm of the Host Helm of the Host <schematics> [BRR]
Mana Crypt Mana Crypt [MB1]
Expedition Map Expedition Map <borderless> [LCC]
Mana Vault Mana Vault [4ED]
Lightning Greaves Lightning Greaves [WHO]
Sky Diamond Sky Diamond <showcase> [CLB]
Decanter of Endless Water Decanter of Endless Water <showcase> [CLB] (F)
Powerstone Shard Powerstone Shard [PLIST]
Coveted Jewel Coveted Jewel [MOC]
Jeweled Lotus Jeweled Lotus [CMR]
Lotus Petal Lotus Petal [MB1]
Caged Sun Caged Sun <retro> [BRR]
Chrome Mox Chrome Mox [EMA]
Aether Spellbomb Aether Spellbomb [J22]
Arcum's Astrolabe Arcum's Astrolabe [MH1]
Grafdigger's Cage Grafdigger's Cage [M20]
Pithing Needle Pithing Needle [MID]
Wayfarer's Bauble Wayfarer's Bauble [LCC]
Amulet of Safekeeping Amulet of Safekeeping [M19]
Coldsteel Heart Coldsteel Heart [2X2]
Cursed Totem Cursed Totem [MH2]
Energy Refractor Energy Refractor [BRO]
Fractured Powerstone Fractured Powerstone [MOC]
Helm of Awakening Helm of Awakening <retro> [DMR]
Moonsilver Key Moonsilver Key [MID]
Prismatic Lens Prismatic Lens [CMM]
Prophetic Prism Prophetic Prism [WOE]
Spare Supplies Spare Supplies [ZNR]
Thorn of Amethyst Thorn of Amethyst <schematics> [BRR]
Cloud Key Cloud Key <retro> [BRR]
Coalition Relic Coalition Relic [DMC]
Misleading Signpost Misleading Signpost [WOC]
Replicating Ring Replicating Ring [MOC]
Sculpting Steel Sculpting Steel [MOC]
Unstable Obelisk Unstable Obelisk [SCD]
Aetherflux Reservoir Aetherflux Reservoir [KLD]
Hedron Archive Hedron Archive [J22]
Machine God's Effigy Machine God's Effigy <extended> [BRC]
Panharmonicon Panharmonicon [KLD]
Sarevok's Tome Sarevok's Tome [CLB]
Sceptre of Eternal Glory Sceptre of Eternal Glory [40K]
The One Ring The One Ring <bundle> [LTR] (F)
Thran Dynamo Thran Dynamo [CMM]
Unwinding Clock Unwinding Clock <schematics> [BRR]
Gauntlet of Power Gauntlet of Power <retro> [DMR]
Throne of Eldraine Throne of Eldraine [WOC]
Dreamstone Hedron Dreamstone Hedron <retro> [BRC]


Vesuvan Duplimancy Vesuvan Duplimancy [DMU]