Modern is Dead?

Dec 19 // by Josh Kaufman

Why Modern is a dead format walking.

Flashback Drafts: Price Impacts and Profit Potential

Dec 18 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discuses how flashback drafts impact card prices just in time for the cube-paired Urza's and Mirage block drafts on MTGO.

Upgrading C14 Red: Urza's Janky Combos

Dec 16 // by Ricardo Segundo

Ricardo goes over some crazy artifact combos for your C14 Red Deck: Built from Scratch

Weekly Update (Dec 14): Morph Rule Change, Sidisi Whip, Jeskai Tokens

Dec 15 // by mtggoldfish

This week's recap of MTG news: Morph Rule Change, Sidisi Whip, Jeskai Tokens.

Out-of-Print Booster Boxes: The Five-Star Mutual Fund of MTG?

Dec 13 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive crunches four years of data on sealed booster boxes to see if they're worth long-term speculation.

Khans of Tarkir in EDH: Surrak Dragonclaw

Dec 12 // by @Force4Cards

@Force4Cards goes over the powerhouse Surrak Dragonclaw in Duel Commander.

The Real Problem with Magic Online

Dec 11 // by Ricardo Segundo

Ricardo address the real problem with Magic Online.

Budget Brewing: The Element of Surprise

Dec 09 // by Cooper Livingston

Cooper talks about the advantages of rogue deck lists in a world of net decking.

Weekly Update (Dec 7): Modern Masters 2, Mishra's Toy Workshop

Dec 08 // by mtggoldfish

This week's recap in MTG news: Modern Masters 2 (2015 Edition), Mishra's Toy Workshop

Modern Masters 2015: Breaking Down the Announcement

Dec 08 // by SaffronOlive

@SaffronOlive discusses the implications of the Modern Masters 2 (2015 Edition) announcement.