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mtg & mtgo pricing trends

See the complete pricing history of cards for both Magic Online and real-life Paper Magic. Event-based annotations help explain sharp changes in pricing. Use our compare tool to compare multiple cards at the same time. Use the Search to find a card, or use our friend Tarmogoyf as an example.

simple price lists

Need to know what cards are valuable while drafting? Our price lists provide a quick view of all the relevant cards at once.

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metagame analysis

Want to know what decks are winning on MTGO? Want to know what the cheapest viable decks are? We scan through MTGO Daily Event results to bring you the latest information on the metagame!


movers and shakers

See which cards are rising in value or plummeting like a rock. Movers and Shakers lets you know which cards are changing the most on a daily and weekly basis.

Movers and Shakers

track your collection

My Collection lets you track the prices of cards important to you. An easy to use dashboard to track cards on a regular basis.

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track entire sets

With our Total Set Prices, you can track entire groups of cards together with a single value. For example, see how set redemption affects the prices of Mythics after the release of set.

Total Set Prices